Plaid Skirt with Cable Knit Sweater

Good morning from Vermont, you guys! We have been staying at a little cabin in the woods with some of our friends and it has been so fun. We’ve been cooking all our meals, making fires to stay warm, and enjoying wine and S’mores every night. We stumbled upon this really cute town (I remember the name of it now!) not far from where we’re staying, with the prettiest church right in the middle of town. It has been pretty chilly here so I did have on a coat for warmth (but obviously took it off for the photos, haha).This off-the-shoulder sweater and plaid miniskirt is one of my favorite outfit combinations for fall – it reminds me of one of my favorite shows, “Gossip Girl!” The sweater is made of a chenille material and is so soft to the touch. 🙂

Anywho, we are off to another hotel today so I have to get packing! 🙂 Talk soon!

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  1. This is such a cute fall outfit! So glad you’re enjoying this New England fall foliage!

  2. Oh yes, haha, that outfit is so Gossip Girl 🙂 Freaking loved that show!
    That is suuuch a cute look, I enjoy wearing skirts and sweaters at the moment as well!
    xx Janine

  3. How cute is your plaid skirt!! Perfect for Fall!

  4. Samantha

    Hi Caitlin. Where is the gingham baseball cap from that you shared in your stories on Instagram? I love it!

  5. I love a good sweater when it gets colder!


  6. Omg totally agree that this reminds me of gossip girl!


  7. Barbara

    How do you keep your over the knee boots snug on your thigh? I have really thin legs and struggle to find a way or brand that stay up. I have a pair that tie and my legs are to thin to tie tightly. Yours always look perfect.

  8. Lauren

    I hope you will continue your motivation Monday posts too! Those have been my favorite!