Perfect July 4th Outfit

If you’re looking for some July Fourth inspiration, look no further than this $40 gingham top. I have never seen a top like it, from the peplum hem to the white bow sleeves! I LOVE IT!! To make it more casual for the Fourth, I would pair it with denim shorts and sneakers or casual sandals. And it would be cute to wear your hair tied up in a ponytail or bun! I like how you can dress it up or down. And how affordable it is. 🙂

I can’t believe July Fourth is only a few weeks away… is this summer flying by or what? I do have to admit that this summer feels so weird, though, with everything going on in the world. We still have some restrictions in North Carolina and a lot of our restaurants are still not fully open (in fact, Coronavirus cases in North Carolina are still going UP!). I still don’t feel like I can see my family and friends freely and I haven’t been shopping in a store in what feels like a year. I think because this summer has been so weird, it’s left me with a craving for fall!!! Is anything else feeling this way? I will have random times where I want to be curling up in a scarf with a pumpkin spice latte. I think I’m feeling a little anxious right now, and the thought of feeling cozy in the fall makes me feel better – who knows! Haha.


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  1. Kathy

    Hi Cait! I love this outfit! So summery and pretty. Would you please let me know what is the brand and name of the color for your red lipstick? It is really pretty and compliments your outfit so well. And very patriotic too! Thank you!

  2. Laura Leigh

    This is the cutest top ever!! You’re right – so perfect for fourth of july! Love how you styled it as well.

    xo Laura Leigh

  3. Right?! It’s been so cool this week in Charleston, it has tricked me into thinking fall is here or on its way! This is the most bizarre season / year, and having moved from Nashville to CHS in the middle of it just makes things more confusing. I’m trying to give up any notions of “normal” for now but it’s just unsettling! Love that top.

  4. Brooklyn

    Caitlin, I agree! The pandemic is making for a weird spring and summer. I hope the fall will be good.

  5. What a lovely top! Great look!

  6. That top is so sweet!


  7. That really is a super cute top! I love statement tops that you can dress up or down and pair with virtually anything without thinking about it too much!
    xx Janine

  8. That gingham top is so cute!

  9. Adorable! Love this outfit. Your makeup looks great and your lipstick matches :-).

  10. kathy

    You look darling as always.

  11. Anne Arnold

    I love this look, thanks once again for the inspo! I must say, I am not looking forward to autumn/fall because I am craving the sunshine at the moment. I may have to buy this top, I wonder if it would look ok with a strappy bra, as I can’t really wear strapless etc. Anyway, hope you’re feeling better soon, it’s been a challenging time for all! Lots of love from Germany, Anne

  12. Such a cute look! Love the top!

    Blonde in Cashmere

  13. LOL. TOTALLY! I also just can’t wait for fall this year!

  14. Kimberly

    Yesss!!! Fall is my at-home-in-my-own-skin season. Midsummer is a favorite, because it means the days get shorter from here!

  15. I definitely feel the this summer’s “oddness” in the air. I really want to do normal summer things, but we can’t do them, so it makes for an odd time, especially when the weather is gorgeous! I do love the read gingham, and this outfit would also be super cute with a basket bag! 🙂


  16. With everything going in the world, I’ve definitely been anxious, too. Fall is my favorite season and time of the year, so I am always looking forward to it! haha I do wonder, though, if everything will be open again by the Fall so that we can return to some sort of normalcy. With the rising COVID cases, I just have no idea.

    This top is so sweet! love the white bows and peplum style!