Orange & Pink

Ok I LOVE how fun and bright and happy this dress is! I was feeling a little down yesterday… until I put on this dress. It refreshed my mood almost instantaneously. The combination of pink and orange together is just so joyful… you absolutely can’t put this on and be sad! I paired it with a headband and earrings because I felt like being “extra” – LOL! If you like this dress but don’t want to spend the money, I recommend checking out this one instead -it’s almost the exact same style, but it’s less than $50 and comes in four different colors. I ordered the white and green one – I couldn’t help myself 🙂

I’ve been home for the past couple of weeks and have had more free time than usual – you would think this would be great, right?! I planned to catch up on sleep, rest, enjoy some downtime. Except it’s not really working like that, haha. It’s times like this that my anxiety can be at it’s worst. Whenever I have a lull in my usual busy schedule, my brain goes, “We have allll this free time, what should we worry about now?! Muahahah (evil laugh).” It’s so frustrating! And I also have feelings of guilt when I’m “resting” – there’s a part of me inside saying, “You should be working!!!” Okay I didn’t really intend to go on a rant this morning, haha, but it’s seriously so frustrating. I’d love to know if any of you guys struggle with this!

I will end with some good news – my next book review will FINALLY be up tomorrow morning. :0 xoxo

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  1. Jessi

    I also struggled with over active thoughts and worries-especially when there’s nothing going on. I used to work from home, which I found difficult because I had hours during the day when I saw no one, which contributed to my out of control worrying. But I found an article that really helped me. I wouldn’t say it’s a total cure all, but it does help significantly with my anxiety so I can focus on what I need to do and live in the moment. I still sometimes have anxiety when I’m bored or nothing is going on, but I don’t feel guilty anymore for taking it easy. I’ve learned that being bored is inevitable and something everyone will always have to deal with. So I focus on the things I’m thankful for, and put my brain to work either doing a hobby or something productive, and postpone my worrying until later. And usually I find that whatever I was worrying about while I was bored was actually quite silly and is easily solvable. Anyway here’s the article. You might find it useful if you haven’t already read it:

  2. This dress is so cute and pretty! I love the colors so much!

  3. Suuuch a beautiful dress, that color combo is so beautiful and an instant joy lifter! 🙂 I just had a chat about suffering from guilt when you actually have some down time for not doing something “productive”, I suffer from that as well. I consciously try to make myself enjoy my down time and see it as my reward for working really hard – it kinda works actually!
    Xx Janine

  4. Your outfits never fail to amaze me, you look absolutely stunning! This looks like the most perfect summer dress x

    Shannon |

  5. Love the dress and the happy colors! I’m old enough to be your mom but enjoy looking at your posts every day. (I also recently joined the Instagram world.) Anywho…my husband and I have always been self-employed and now travel 30+ weeks a year for his fine art photography business. Because of that, we hardly have time off, and when we do, we both struggle with being able to truly turn “off.” Like you, my brain can race with the “what if’s” and worry about finances, my family, etc. One thing that has really helped me is to tell my thoughts to “STOP!” Literally, as my mind races and I feel my body (and cortisol levels) amp up, I purposely choose to relax all my muscles and say out loud, “STOP!” Then I create a new thought; thankfulness, truth about God’s faithfulness, etc. Dr. Caroline Leaf’s book, “Switch On Your Brain” is a great resource for how to change habitual thinking that leads to negative thoughts and worry. I loved the scientific facts she shared about how our brain works with our thoughts and how we can actually rewire it. I think you’d love it.

    Thanks for being honest and vulnerable. You’re a doll.

  6. LOVE this color combo together! I’m all about the brights in summer so this dress is perfect for the season! Soak in the down time girl, remember we all need it to be healthy!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams 

  7. Okay first- this is my favorite outfit of yours of 2019 I think!! LOVE this dress! So cute 🙂

    And yes- I totally get those types of anxious thoughts! I feel like I am busy 90% of the time, so when things slow down I feel guilty. It’s not just you!!

    xoxo A

  8. You are really cute in this dress!
    Aurélie – Les petites bulles de ma vie
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  9. Andi

    That’s is the cutest dress! Your headband is adorable too! Loved your hair up in yesterday’s post too! I have a great tip to get rid of panic attacks and anxiety. I use get the worst anxiety until I tried praying and asking God to take the anxiety away and fill my heart/mind/body with peace. I know it doesn’t sound like it would work but it’s extremely powerful and it works wonders if you genuinely ask Him. Try it, you’ll see what I mean. I no longer have to take anxiety meds because of it! I will pray for you too! Take care and God bless!

  10. Irene Cheng

    Have you tried earthing, or grounding? Walking barefoot on the beach, or on wet grass or dirt, I find it calms me down ☺️

  11. Laura Leigh

    Beyond obsessed with this color combo! So pretty!

    I’m sorry your anxiety has been so bad lately. I know how rough it can be and I hope you’re able to have some peace soon. Crazy how being busy is so good and bad for us at the same time. Will be thinking of you gal!

    xo Laura Leigh

  12. I love this bright and cheerful dress! I too struggle to “relax” and oftentimes I’m happier when I’m super busy. I feel you on that one!

  13. Girl, I struggle with anxiety as well! And used to feel guilty for resting when I WANTED to work. But then, I heard this message on The Principle of Rest. It makes so much sense because when I don’t rest, I find that inspiration is harder to come by. I started incorporating this into my life and it’s made a HUGE difference. Please let me know what you think. I hope this will help! xo

    She Sweats Diamonds

  14. Sydney

    I totally relate on the anxiety! I just recently started using because I wanted to give therapy a try but the thought of meeting with a therapist face-to-face and even finding time to do that freaks me out so much!

  15. Bailee

    Love this dress! How tall are you?

  16. Love how bright this is! So cute <3

    Blondie in the City

  17. This dress is so cute. I’m also old enough to be your mom like another commenter, and yeah, I crave downtime until I have downtime, and then I get depressed. HA! I guess I thrive on being busy. Looking forward to your book review! I need a new one to read.

  18. Nicci

    I don’t have anxiety, but I have the same feelings about resting…I always feel guilty when I just sit around.

  19. Sally Nichols

    I struggle with this too.. What helps me is putting on my to-do list specific relaxation “to-dos”. I’ll add paint my nails, take a bath, take a nap, read for an hour, etc. and cross them off as I do them. It feels productive even though I’m relaxing, and it IS productive. Your mind, body and soul need rest.

    Hope this helps! Thank you for always being honest and transparent.

    • Amber

      Yes, someone gave me Sally’s tip, and it does work!

      Have you tried doing a jigsaw puzzle? I know it sounds SO nerdy, but it scratches both itches of feeling the need to accomplish something and relax at the same time! It’s even better with some fun music and wine. I am always surprised by how relaxed I feel after an evening with a puzzle and no TV. You might want to try it out!

      I am a productive high-achiever too, and I get it!. Once I was on the phone on a weekend telling my friend about how guilty I felt for lying on the couch all day watching TV in my pajamas. She simply said, Amber, this is what people are SUPPOSED to do on weekends! I realized she was right and I was being way too hard on myself. It’s almost like I needed permission to be lazy, somehow? It really did help with the guilt factor but I still have trouble slowing my mind down.

  20. I’m a working mom of two kiddos and there is NO downtime! If I want things to be/look/go a certain way, I have to be on at all times. But one thing that slows me down is literally putting pen to paper and writing a quick note to a friend I haven’t connected with, a birthday card, or a “just to say hi” card. Reaching out that way can center me and chill me out before I’m off to my next adventure…