New Favorite $20 Shorts

Happy Thursday, friends! I wanted to share this *affordable* summer outfit with you guys. This is what I like to call my summer uniform – a comfy pair of elastic shorts, a simple white tank, slip-on sneakers and a Starbucks in hand (except for this actually isn’t an actual Starbucks coffee.. I’ve been making my own at home lately!). The best thing about this outfit is the price – the tank is only $8 and the shorts are $21! I got a size small in the shorts and they’re perfect – now I want to order them in every color.

Is your state starting to open up? North Carolina is… pretty much all of our restaurants and shops have opened back up, but Chris and I have continued to be really cautious. We never leave the house for anything unless it’s an essential! However… we are thinking of going to a restaurant tonight for date night. I miss eating at restaurants so much, and our favorite one just opened back up to the public! What would you guys do? I really want to put on a cute outfit and eat my pimento cheese bread at an actual restaurant LOL!

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  1. Liz

    We’ve been cautious too but we went out a couple weeks ago for our anniversary and I’m so glad we did! Our thought before we left was if we walk in and it doesn’t feel safe then we leave ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope things are back to normal soon. I miss restaurants!

  2. OMG yes! I LOVE these & happy they come in an assortment of colors. Also, NY is slowly but surely opening up & I took full advantage of a patio margarita Tuesday while practicing social distancing, of course!

  3. Laura Leigh

    Such a cute simple look! Love the shorts – definitely think purchasing in every color is a good idea haha. And I say go for it tonight! It seems everyone is doing such a great job distancing and the restaurants seem to really be on it when it comes to cleaning and keeping people at a distance.

    xo Laura Leigh

  4. Joan

    I just bought the shorts! I’m in San Diego and California is starting to open up a bit more. We can go to the beaches now and the zoo opens next week – my kids are going to love that. Enjoy your date night! My husband and I went out to dinner for our wedding anniversary last weekend and you have to wear your mask to your table, but can take it off once seated, but the staff all have to wear masks, and if you get up to leave your table you have to put it back on. Just happy to be able to get out and keep places in business too.

    • Anon Reader

      Quick Q: Did you guys bring your kids, or get a babysitter? The babysitter thing has been holding me back bc I’m reluctant to introduce another set of germs into my house. But my two year old hates wearing a mask and loves touching things, so bringing him along is not a great option either (although he’s otherwise pretty good at restaurants).

      • Joan

        Hi! We didnโ€™t bring them. Our daughter is 16 and our little boy is 5 (we had a lot of trouble having a 2nd, hence the age gap) so she babysits. If you have a local teenager they would probably be the best option for No-germs because theyโ€™re still at home with parents who are probably being diligent about cleaning, etc. Our church youth group keeps a list of trustworthy teen sitters who have completed babysitting and cpr training.

  5. Those shorts look really comfortable!

  6. Perfect for hot summer days! You’ve found hydrangea heaven ๐Ÿ˜

    Mia |

  7. Tracey Hopkins

    Go! Life is meant to be lived! The hubby and I go. Most places are filled at half capacity with social distancing requirements. We wear a mask in, take it off when actively eating, and wear it back out. We wash our hands when we get back home and usually change our clothes. As in anything you are taking a risk, but that’s what life is. Taking small risks to reap rewards! Keep on smiling and stay safe!

  8. Anon Reader

    Oh awesome. I need more shorts – most summers a couple of pairs is all I need because I wear work clothes all week. But WFH summer = shorts every day!

    It seems like the research is indicating that COVID transmission risk is pretty low when you’re outside, so I would probably go to a restaurant with outside seating that was well-spaced. Although realistically I probably won’t be doing that bc I have a two-year-old who hates wearing a mask and loves touching everything ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Love these sneakers. they are very cute. Thanks for sharing!

  10. You look so cute, Caitlin! Texas opened back up in the middle of May, but I’ve been super cautious because I’m high-risk. When things go back to normal (meaning no more health risks/masks), the first things I want/need to do is get a haircut, a manicure, go shopping for fun, and end the day with a nice dinner with friends. I really did take going out to restaurants for granted. I miss it so much!

    She Sweats Diamondsย 

  11. Christa

    We went out for dinner last night to celebrate our anniversary and the staff wore masks. We are being cautious too. Hair appointment is July 15. How do you like your bag? I have been trying to decide between sizes. Do you feel the smaller holds all you need and want? The whole outfit is summer perfect!

    • I like having both sizes to switch it up, but yes, the smaller one is surprisingly roomy inside! It fits everything I need and has space for more. I also think it’s a bit more versatile than the larger style!

      • Christa

        Thank you

  12. Julie McCarter

    Love the shorts and the stretchy waist! Super cute with that jacket too!! Our state is slowly opening back up.. still being very cautious though!

  13. california is opening up a little bit, but we’re still being pretty cautious. You look beautiful as always, and definitely am going to check out the shorts! I love that you are posting more affordable outfits! Maybe an affordable outfit roundup?

  14. Cute shorts!!

    Blonde in Cashmere

  15. That really is a super cute outfit! I love a pair of comfy, breezy shorts for summer ๐Ÿ™‚
    xx Janine