Neon Sweater ($22!)

Good morning from ARUBA, you guys!! I’m here on vacation with my family, but still wanted to share these photos we took last week in Winston Salem (where it’s still very cold). This neon sweater from Target is a great transition piece for spring because you can wear it now with jeans (and a coat!), and into the spring with white pants and shorts. I actually brought it with me to Aruba since it gets pretty windy at night here! I’m not sure if the color of the sweater translates well for photos, but in person it’s a beautiful and bright neon color. And it’s only $22. 🙂

Just a reminder that if you’re part of my book club, I will be doing a Facebook Live session tonight at 8:30pm EST to discuss our first book! Definitely tune in if you read the first one, and I’ll be announcing our second one tonight! xoxo

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  1. That’s a lovely sweater! I’m not a big fan of neons but that one actually isn’t too bright, I love that mint green hue.

  2. Love the color of your neon sweater! So cute!

  3. Aruba, how amazing! That sweater is really cool, that color is so amazing and I can definitely see it for chillier spring days and summer evenings!
    Xx Janine

  4. You’re incredibly bless, even if this is your job, you’re blessed!
    I’m swooning over that bag!

    Question about the book club: Do you read the entire book and then tell us which book is next? Or Do you choose a book by how it looks interesting and actually read it with us??

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  5. Laura Leigh

    Looking so cute in this neon number!! Love the color on you. Hope you’re having a wonderful time in Aruba!

    xo Laura Leigh

  6. McKenna

    Love the color of that sweater! I love wearing lots of bright colors as we near spring time!

  7. Ooh Aruba! So fun! Can’t wait to see more from your trip! Love the color of your sweater!

  8. This color is giving me all the Spring feels! So pretty! I’ve actually never shopped at Target for fashion before but will definitely have to check it out in the future!

    Have an amazing time in Aruba! <3


  9. Adore this sweater!