My Top Workout Essentials

I think I’ve mentioned a couple times that I’ve been working out more than usual lately! I’ve been testing out some new workout gear in the process and wanted to share my favorites with you today… 
Workout Jacket // I recently ordered this workout jacket and I think it’s one of the cutest jackets I’ve ever owned! You can wear it from the gym to a lunch date and everywhere in between! Plus it reminds me of spring so it helps me get through the dreary winter days.
Workout Pants // I ordered these workout pants to match the jacket – such a cute combo!
Baseball Cap // This baseball cap is a stylish way to get in a walk or run outside and protect your face and hair. I love the white because it looks good with anything!
Hair Ties // Did you know that most workouts can damage your hair? Especially if you wear your hair in a tight ponytail – your ponytail holder can actually cause hair breakage! These sport ponytail holders are specifically designed to protect your hair during a workout. Another tip to protect your hair during a workout is to braid it!  
Sports Bras // I recently revamped my sports bra collection – all of the ones I owned were from college, looked old and didn’t offer much support. I ordered this Nike Pro Sports Bra to test it out, and ended up placing another order for a bunch more colors! Aesthetically, I really love how it looks (especially the Nike band at the bottom) but more importantly it offers a lot of support, even throughout a strenuous workout. 
Fun Water Bottle // This bkr spiked water bottle makes a statement in the best way! The actual water bottle is made out of glass, but the spikes are silicon. I have been trying to train myself to drink more water and TRUST ME – it is way more fun drinking it out of a cute bottle! I start the day by making a goal for myself, whether it’s drinking 2 or 3 bottles of water throughout the day, and then I keep a water bottle by my side all day long. 
Fitbit Blaze // I own the Fitbit Blaze Smart Watch and wear it every day (just not in my blog photos lol 🙂 It tracks my steps, workouts, heart rate, calories and even my sleep every night. It also motivates me to be more active! I actually did a whole review post on my Fitbit Blaze last year – click here to read it! 
Adidas Shoes // These Adidas shoes come in EIGHT different colors! I own a similar pair that I bought from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and they’re my favorite pair of sneakers – they’re incredibly lightweight and comfortable. Just a note: they run a half size big, so size down half a size!
Yoga Mat // Dare I say that this Flamingo Yoga Mat is the cutest mat you’ve ever seen? Because it certainly is the cutest one I’ve ever seen! I do a lot of workouts from home and I love having my own mat – plus if you’ve ever been to a yoga class, you have to bring your own! 
Gym Bag // I don’t really have a good bag to bring with me to the gym, but I found this one online and it’s absolutely perfect! I love the pink color, and the fact that it says “After this we’re getting pizza!” LOVE!

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  1. I’ve been in the market for new ponytail holders after my favorites were discontinued and these look a lot like them! Plus they’re good for your hair in a workout?! Win win! I didn’t even know I needed to look out for that!

  2. Everything looks so nice! Absolutely love the statement bottle <3

  3. Nice selection dear! x

  4. Love these outfit inspo.. gym ready!

  5. How cute is that yoga mat! I'm on a hunt for a new and fun one!

  6. Love those shoes and I will have to try out those hair ties!


  7. These are all such cute pieces! It's so fun to have extra-cute fitness items are motivation to hit the gym!

  8. Hi! How do you organize your layout? Is this on Polyvore or you're using photoshop or something?

  9. Loving these pieces! Motivating me to get in that extra workout this week!

  10. These are all so cute!

  11. I have been wanting to get new ponytail holders. I usually have to use so many and I know they damage my hair. I will have to check these out.


  12. I love these workout essentials! Especially the after this we're getting pizza bag!!

    I hope you've had a lovely Wednesday!

  13. Girl yes, I need new adidas! I also am so eyeing those leggings!


  14. Great round up! I love my workout wear to perform well but also to look cute so these are perfect!

    Stumped by a midweek dinner invite? Your easy desk to drinks outfit formula is right here…Blush & Bordeaux

  15. If you haven't tried them yet, I also recommend Teleties for a no-rip, no-tangle hairtie! They also don't leave a kink in your hair- they are amazing!!

  16. Absolutely love that you've decided to branch out in the New Year and try some fun and different ideas! Been following your blog since 2014 and have loved seeing it grow and change! I was wondering if you've considered doing blog posts on some work wear suggestions? Would love to see what blazers/shoes/etc. that you like to wear on days you have meetings! xx

  17. I NEED those shoes! Too cute!


  18. I love your posts and style so much. You're a huge inspiration for me!! What program do you use to make your images with the arrows? They're so cute and fun.


  19. I LOVE that workout jacket!! I really need to get some new workout gear, I may have to get some of these!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal