My Tips for Buying a Secondhand Designer Bag

Good morning and happy Monday, you guys! I always get a lot of questions about designer bags, so today I wanted to talk about the best place to buy secondhand bags: eBay! Did you know that eBay has their own Authenticate Program? All of the designer bags listed with an “authenticity verified” badge are GUARANTEED to be authentic, so you never have to worry. I personally bought an authentic Chanel bag from eBay using the “Buy It Now” option – I didn’t have to place any bids, and I got it for much less than retail value! Buying a handbag on eBay is a great way to get a deal on a designer bag, but you need to know what you’re doing. Here are some of my tips:

  • Look for the “Authenticity Verified” badge! eBay has a program to ensure that the items are authentic. In case of any doubt, experts will inspect your item upon return. If the authenticity of the item can’t be verified, you’ll receive a full refund. I would start your search by checking out all of the verified bags, which can be found here.
  • Narrow it down! There are SO many designer bags that are labeled as authentic, it can be overwhelming to look though so many options at once. Use the search bar at the top of the page and adjust the filters on the left-hand side of the page to pull in products that work best for you. If I was looking for my exact bag on eBay, I would type in “Chanel classic flap beige” in the search bar. There’s even an “Authenticity Verified” filter if you scroll all the way down on the left! It’s the last filter, and shows an even wider selection than just in the “Authenticate” selection. You can do this even when typing in “chanel classic flap,” or whatever bag your searching for.
  • Do your research. You should know exactly what the bag retails for! That way, you can be on the lookout for prices below retail value (so that you get the best deal, of course).
  • Buy It Now vs. Best Offer: eBay has two different options for how to purchase designer handbags. The first is a “Buy It Now” option: you can buy the bag exactly for what it’s listed for, without ever having to bid on it. I really like this option because you if you want the bag, you are guaranteed to get it, without ever getting in a bidding war with anyone else! The other option, which sometimes yields a better deal, is “Best Offer,” in which you can make an offer for the bag and add a message to the owner – maybe they will accept your offer, or maybe not.
  • Check out the seller. It’s always a good idea to click on the seller’s name and read their reviews and feedback ratings. If the seller has a good rating and a lot of positive reviews, then you can probably trust that you’ll have a good experience with them as well. 
  • Look for the authenticity card. Designer bags always come with an authenticity card that are specific to that bag. If there’s not a picture of one on the listing, ask the owner to send you a picture of it!

The eBay Authenticate program also covers luxury watches, jewelry, and wallets. I rounded up a whole selection of my favorite items that are authenticated on eBay – see the widget below!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below!

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  1. I actually have some funds saved up to get a designer bag and I’m debating if I should purchase one from secondhand or actual retail. These are nice tips to consider!

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  2. Um these photos are BEAUTIFUL!! And so is that bag! 😉

    xoxo A

  3. Patti

    I love this photography in this blog! Beautiful setting, colors, flowers, outfit, and you look STUNNING!

  4. Michal Adar

    Thank you for letting us know! Super helpful. Come visit us in the holy land of Israel. Would love to host you and Chris!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I am so paranoid to get a pre-loved designer bag, but this authenticity verified program sounds really good! So, they do autheticate the bags before you receive them, right? Or only if you are in doubt about authenticity?
    I just scrolled through the selection and it’s crazy how many great bags are in there! Definitely considering getting a bag from there now 🙂
    xx Janine

  6. I’ve been dying to get that beige Chanel! And have definitely been wanting to get it pre-owned. Perfect timing for this post! 🙂

    Blondie in the City

  7. These are such good tips! It didn’t know you vould search for authenticated goods on eBay!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Xo Noor

  8. This was so interesting! All of these bags are so beautiful Cait!

    I hope you have a great Tuesday,

  9. These are som great tips! Thank you for sharing them!

  10. Jessi

    Hi Caitlin! I also live in NC and was wondering where the flower farm is that you visited for this post? It looks beautiful and I would love to check it out!

    • Maria

      Hi! I’m also wondering where this flower farm is in NC. Would love to visit!

    • Sevi

      Yes! I’m in NC as well and would LOVE to know where this flower farm is. Please tell us!!

  11. I had no idea that eBay has that authenticity badge! I don’t really have an interest in designer bags because some of them are made of real leather and I don’t use leather for ethical reasons so I think buying a second hand one is the best option. I’m definitely gonna check it out as there are some vegan bags I’d love to get my hands on. Thanks for sharing, I feel like eBay has a bad reputation so I feel like this is a very good thing for buyers.

  12. I love your Chanel flap beige bag! Too cute! Heading to eBay now to check out their selection!

  13. Joanne

    Thank you for writing a post about this. This was so helpful!

  14. This was so helpful!

  15. Ida

    Thank you for sharing this. Which season is your Chanel Beige and what is the size?
    Thank you 🙂

  16. Danielle

    I would also love to know the size of your bag!