My Spray Tan Routine

Happy Monday, friends! First up I want to talk about this cute outfit – this BP eyelet top is only $35 and the perfect piece for transitioning into spring and summer. I wore it with jean shorts but it would be equally as cute with pants, since in most parts of the world it’s not that warm yet 🙂 Annnd these jean shorts  are my new favorite!!! They’re definitely pricy for shorts, however I really love the length, that they’re a little high waisted, and they fit SO WELL! I will definitely be wearing them all spring and summer.

Okay next I wanted to answer a few questions about my spray tanning routine! A lot of you had questions about my tan so I figured it would be easiest to answer in a blog post. I have been getting spray tans for years and years and pretty much have it down to a science now. I get Mystic Tans – your can get them at pretty much any tanning salon. I like them because the tan is done by a machine, and not only does it do a good job but it’s also completely private (so no one sees you naked!). Here’s my exact routine:

1. I ask for a Mystic Tan in dark with the following additives: hyperboost, sunkissed and two scents (you can smell the different scents and pick out your favorite – I like to get two because it really masks the smell of the spray tan and makes you smell really nice!)
2. I also buy a pair of “sticky feet” to wear in the booth so that the bottoms of your feet don’t turn black from the tanning solution
3. Once I’m alone in the booth, I strip down and apply some of the blocking lotion (supplied in the room) to my hands and fingernails. If I have makeup on, I also take off my makeup (I usually bring my own makeup remove wipes). I also put on a shower cap and put in nose inserts so that I don’t breathe in the spray tan solution while I’m being sprayed.
4. Spray!
5. I always stay in the booth for the entire minute after it’s done spraying, because it blows out warm air that helps dry and solidify your tan.
6. Pat down with a towel and get dressed (I always wear loose-fitting clothing! No jeans!)
7. I immediately wash my hands afterward. This washes off the outer layer of the spray tan so that your hands don’t look weird in the morning.
8. Wait 8 or 9 hours until showering! It’s fine to shampoo and condition your hair however I don’t use body soap the first time I shower because this cuts down on the life of your tan!

When I’m on a trip, I bring this tanning product with me and apply it if my spray tan starts to fade. It’s my favorite self tanner and looks SO natural! 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. What a wonderful beach look!
    With love from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. I'm obsessed with that top. You look gorgeous!

    Arum Lilea

  3. Thanks for sharing! I have very pale skin so I'm actually thinking of testing spray tan soon… Love your outfit too, so cute!

  4. Thanks for sharing your tanning secrets. How often do you need to get the tan sprayed to maintain the color?

    • I was wondering the same thing.

    • Spray tans last roughly a week though they can really be faded after 5 days of showering. Also, if you spray tan and go on vacation where there's a chlorinated pool & hot tub just beware that once you go in it starts to strip every bit of the tan off! My friends and I wait til the last day of our ski trips to go in hot tubs. I think a swimming pool may strip it a little less than a hot tub will. Sealing the tan in with hydration will extend it some. Like she mentioned about not using soap in the first shower…instead use a scented oil (I have a rose scent that is awesome) to cover your skin then let the water run over it and then pat dry gently with a towel when you get out. You'll then have a great tan and a nice glow to your skin. I take some oil on the trip too and use it after soap which is so drying. Hope this helps. 🙂

    • Hey Peggy, I think the spray tan starts to fade after one week, that's why I usually supplement it with Tanceuticals! I pretty much only get spray tans for when I'm on a trip, not when I'm at home, but if I wanted to keep the same tan at home I would probably go every two weeks!

  5. Great tips, I will def. check them through before I do my tanning routine next time. 🙂

  6. You are one of the people who can get a mystic tan to wirk. Good for you! I used to work at a tanning salon with them and we had a handful who could do it but it takes practice. On me it was always streaky.

  7. Love reading your tanning routine! Your tan always looks so natural and beautiful!! Also, that polka dot bikini is the cutest thing ever! XO


  8. Thanks for your tips! I've never gotten a spray tan but I'm planning on getting one for my formal this spring!

    xo, Carey

  9. This is great! your tan looks awesome and I love this suit!

  10. Thanks for this post! I've gotten a few spray tans (Mystic and Versa) but have always turned out a little too orange for my taste. I was actually just wondering last night if there was an additive to make the tone a little more brown and now I know to try Sunkissed!

    briana |

  11. Thanks so much for this! I've gotten spray tans before (Mystic and Versa) but they've always turned out too orange for my taste and I was just wondering last night if there are any additives to make the tone a little more brown. Now I know to try Sunkissed.

    briana |

    • Hey Briana, let me know how you like the Sunkissed! I think it gives the perfect bronze color!

  12. Love the white top! Beautiful photos!


  13. I can't wait to try this. The last time I went for a spray tan it was a bit of a mess. Thanks so much for all the tips. I live in South Florida and I spent too many years baking so now this is a much better (and safer) alternative!

  14. Your tan always looks so great! Thanks for sharing!


  15. Very good tips Caitlin! I usually do the Versa or Pura, we don't have Mystic in my area 🙁 Spray tans have definitely come a long way since the early 2000s lol I feel so much better with one!


  16. Your spray tan looks so good! <3 

  17. So fun!! I love the pictures, looks like you guys had such a great time!

  18. What tanning lotion do you use for your face? The same Tanceuticals brand?


  19. Hi! Do you wash your hands with soap or just water while you're still at the tanning salon?