My Favorite Amazon Purchase OF ALL TIME!

The leaves in North Carolina are BEAUTIFUL, all of the sudden! I mean, they’re even prettier than Vermont this year, which is hard to believe considering we traveled all the way up there during “peak week” haha. I just hope that they stick around for a while!

I’m wearing one of my favorite outfits in these photos – this flare jumpsuit from Amazon. I have found myself reaching for it over and over again since I bought it. It came with me on a trip to Highlands, and then Vermont, and then I’ve been wearing it all around town, too – to pick up Kennedy from school, to run errands in, I even wore it to a Halloween party! The fit is absolutely PERFECT and I love how the legs flare out, but not too much. It honestly might be my favorite Amazon purchase of all time. I also love this striped sweater from Amazon… I’ve also been wearing it tied around my neck!

Now that Halloween is over, are you guys in the Christmas spirit? I’ve been BEGGING my husband to take down the Christmas tree, and I think I might have convinced him to this weekend!!


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  1. Andrea Irmscher

    So beautyful hair – but – extensions, or?

  2. Will

    Those UGG dupes are incredible 🤩

  3. Kelli Scherer

    Did you happen to get the flared jumpsuit altered? They only have the 31″ inseam now & I’m 5’2″ so I might need to get them altered!

  4. Kelli

    Did you get the jumpsuit altered? It’s a little long for me so just seeing if you had to do it (or if it’s possible). Thanks!

    • I did not! But I definitely think it could be altered! Could you wear it with platform sneakers to give yourself a little more height?