My Fall Uniform


Happy Monday, everyone! I’m back with another outfit from our trip to Colorado. I’m crazy for textures this fall… so I’m obsessed with the combination of this ribbed turtleneck paired with the suede skirt. (Side note: I also wore this skirt in this blog post if you’re looking for another way to style it!) I think the addition of the newsboy hat makes the whole outfit really chic! If you haven’t tried a newsboy hat yet, I encourage you to order one! I had to order a few before I found one that I REALLY liked, and now I can’t stop wearing them.

This weekend was so fun! I went straight from Colorado to Chapel Hill for my friend Gracie’s wedding – she had originally planned for the wedding to be at Bald Head Island, but Hurricane Florence did so much damage to the island that she had to cancel it. She somehow replanned the entire wedding in NINE days and it was absolutely beautiful!! But gosh can you imagine the stress?!? Yesterday on our way home from Chapel Hill, I convinced Chris to stop at Trader Joe’s so we could stock up on fall goodies. I made the Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread last night and OMG you guys, it was so good! I added chocolate chips to the batter. I can’t wait to have it with my coffee for breakfast this morning!

Oh and ONE LAST THING! The email subscription to my blog *should* be working now, let me know if it isn’t! 🙂


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  1. I love that shade of green on you! Glad you had such a great weekend!!

    Kendal / Life With Kendal

  2. I am impressed that your friend replanned an entire wedding in 9 days! That is some serious skills! And this Fall outfit is so cute! I love it head to toe!

  3. I love everything about the look. Great post.

  4. Laura Leigh

    Adore this look and the textures! And way to go to your friend – replanning a whole wedding in nine days. That is unbelievable but so glad it worked out for them!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

  5. Love this look and the boots are breathtaking.

  6. Gaelle

    Hi. Great post and I’m impressed by your friend. The email subscription to your blog still isn’t working though 🙁

  7. This is a gorgeous Outfit, I adore that suede skirt!
    Haha yes girl, pumpkin spice errrthang, however I am always too lazy to Bake haha oops 🙂
    Xx Janine

  8. Loving your autumn outfit Cait! That green sweater is gorgeous!

    Happy Monday!


  9. Eeee I’m obsessed with this simple fall outfit and the colors! These boots are amazing Caitlin.

    Areli | InclusiveRepublic

  10. 10.2.18Reply
  11. Michał

    Always in boots you look divine! For this beautiful mini skirt and sweater!

  12. Gracie

    I love the hat look!!! I have super curly hair so I’m not sure if I can pull off the hat 😂 but you look adorable, as always!

  13. Emily

    I want that turtle neck in every color! The perfect fall staple!

  14. Emily

    I want that turtleneck in every color!! The perfect fall staple! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Jody Dyke

    Love the emerald green tan combo! Beautiful!

  16. Kristen Davis

    That skirt is perfection! I love the way the boots have just the slightest break of skin before almost continuing the flow into the skirt. So beautiful!

  17. Briana Simonelli

    This outfit!! Adorable, love, love, love! Totally my outfit inspo for tomorrow! I am going to have to start my day off with a slice of pumpkin bread too! Who could ever say no to pumpkin in the fall (or ever)!