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 Happy Friday!! A lot has been going on lately so let’s do a little instagram round-up, shall we? Here’s a car scene from yesterday’s coffee run… (the mug is from Starbucks and I found it online here but it’s sold out… it may still be in stores!). I’m still loving the marble macchiato from Starbucks – if you haven’t tried it, it’s amazing.
YSL cassandre leather shopper (not available in grey online), grey bag but different style here
This was also my outfit from yesterday… I have been really enjoying neutral colors lately. These black wedge booties are my absolute favorite shoes right now… they make your legs look SUPER long and they are actually comfortable to walk in! On another note, I have been saving up money for a long time to get this Saint Laurent bag. I am obsessed with the grey color and gold hardware… I think grey bags are so beautiful and classic! 
cream cardigan // white silk tank (wearing XS) // black suede wedge booties (on sale!!)
I wore this look one day last week. It’s always fun to mix up patterns and colors and I love the mix of leopard, fuchsia and stripes! I crave bright colors when the weather is gloomy.

Clare V. leopard tote (sold out), clutch version here // David Yurman bracelet
I adore sweaters with lace hems so of course I love this top from the junior’s department of Nordstrom. It’s less than $40 and comes in a few different colors… I am debating on getting it in the aqua color too!  This look is perfect for lunch or a shopping date with your girlfriends.

I have been trying some different hairstyles as of late (mainly because I get so tired of curling my hair!) and I’ve been experimenting with different braids. I tried out this dutch braid earlier in the week and love how it turned out, especially with these fun Baublebar earrings. BTW, Baublebar is having a huge sale right now that’s worth checking out, the more jewelry you buy the more discount you get.

Last weekend I traveled to Raleigh for my best friend from high school’s birthday. I always love going to Raleigh, it’s such a fun city and brings back memories from college! You can’t really see from this “car selfie” but this was the outfit I wore out to dinner that night – a bright sweater, fur vest and booties.

Here’s another one of my freezing cold outfits where I literally layer on as much as I can to stay warm! These fingerless gloves are a life saver. They are really long so they keep your entire arm warm. Plus they are cute. 🙂

This poncho is back in stock… woohoo! Just FYI it has already gone out of stock twice now! I also get a lot of questions about my Hunter boots… they are the color “pillar box” and they are – also – back in stock at Nordstrom. They have been out of stock since the fall, so if you are going to order them, I would quickly while all of the sizes are still available.

And finally, here’s a scene from my desk one day this week when I was working from home. It was raining outside and Prince George looked so cute sitting on the window sill! The pink roses are from my boyfriend, he knows pink is my favorite color (and no I am not ashamed to be an adult whose favorite color is still pink!!!) 

Lulu & Georgia gold tray c/o // Anthropologie candle // acrylic stapler

To be honest with y’all, I have been feeling a little down lately and it has been hard for me to post. I really think it’s the terrible cold and rainy weather we’ve been having. I have never been a fan of winter, but this winter just seems extra gloomy for some reason. It gets really depressing to not see the sun day after day, but it has been making me feel kind of pessimistic and down which is not me at all.

On a positive note, I am really excited for this weekend because tomorrow night my Jazzercise class (and a bunch of Jazzercise classes throughout Charlotte) are all performing a halftime routine at the Hornets game! I’m sure I’ll be SO nervous tomorrow that I’ll want to pee my pants, but right now I’m really excited. Fingers crossed that I don’t fall on my face!

Hope everyone has a great weekend (and that the sun finally comes out!!!!)


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  1. Great snapshots!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. LOVE all of your bags! You ave pretty great collection. 🙂
    Great photo roundup!

  3. I'm sorry that you're feeling down 🙁 Winter can be gloomy but it truly does make spring all the sweeter! Good luck with your performance

    Alyssa J Freitas

  4. Anonymous

    I've been feeling down too! I usually love winter, but this one just seems extra dark and frigid. Which is funny because we're having a milder winter in NC than this time last year. I love how you vary your outfits, I've kind of fallen into a funk where I wear the same things over and over.

    Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

  5. So sorry that you're feeling down, I've had to start planning vacations to look forward to in order to through this winter. That purse is gorgeous!!

    New to blogging;
    Nikki Ann

  6. okay that is SO fun that you get to perform at halftime! i miss that about dance, the annual shows were always the absolute best. hope you have a blast out there!

    xo mary-katherine
    gold-hatted lover

  7. Love all of these photos and your phone case!

  8. The overcast weather always makes winter feel worse – hang in there! So happy for you that you successfully saved for the YSL purse!

  9. Hey Cait! I could not agree with you more – I have been feeling gloomy as a reflection of the weather! I promise it will get better. Yesterday we had out first sunny day in about a month down here in Texas and I INSTANTLY perked up! Thanks for the post!

    – Claire

  10. Love your new bag and I have been feeling the same way. I think we will finally get some sun today.

  11. That cat phone case!! <3

  12. Hope you feel better soon! That YSL bag is absolutely stunning! Can't wait to see more of it on the blog. Oh and that Starbucks mug is gorgeous, wish they still had it in stock as I don't currently have a Starbucks near me.

  13. Why is it that the weather affects your mood so much?! I've always wondered that, but I am totally feeling the same way. I've never been a big fan of winter, but there seems to be less sunny days as of late and more overcast super gloomy ones. Cheer up and I love each of these shots!

    XO, Jaime

  14. Lovely pictures! I LOVE the starbucks cup! 😛
    Hope you feel better soon!
    x Angela //

  15. As a girl from Seattle I completely understand gloomy and the nasty affect it can have. I highly recommend finding a good vitamin D supplement and eating grapefruit regularly it is the only way that I survive the nine months of gloom that is Seattle winter.

    Emily Hubbard –

  16. Anonymous

    love love love those hot pink heels!

  17. Anonymous

    Love these Instagram snaps! The YSL bag and cream cardigan are my faves.

  18. It is freezing here in NY as well – day after day of sweaters and no sun can take it's toll! I've found having multiple (small) things to look forward to during the week is a huge help. I signed up for Blue Apron so I can cook new things (love it so far!!) and tried hot yoga for the first time. It will get better soon – you just need a little boost! You are my style inspiration… thank you for posting and sharing your life with us!

  19. Your hair is seriously flawless!

  20. How fun for you to be doing a halftime routine!!! My favorite color is pink, too, and Im 30!!! I refuse to give it up!!! I couldn't agree more about the weather!!!! I live in Colorado and the cloudy days have gotten to me, too!!!! We had sun all day yesterday and it helped sooo much!!! Blessings!! I really enjoy your blog and photos!!!!

  21. Hope you feel better soon! I seriously want your entire wardrobe (especially that gray purse)!

  22. Oh that YSL bag is to die for and I'm loving the fishtail braid!! So pretty! xo, Biana – BlovedBoston

  23. Sorry about the weather, but hey you've been keeping busy and dressing well enough to shine like the sun! Congrats on the Hornet halftime show, that sounds amazing!
    xx, Mikkaela
    Southwestern Prepster

  24. Such great photos. You look beautiful in that white cardigan!

  25. Love the outfit with the toggle coat!

    Liz @

  26. Your bag… drool! So pretty! Love your Instagram!

  27. You are just so adorable. I love your sense of style, it's so glamours yet simple. (:

  28. You should do a post on how you budget and save up for expensive items! It would really help out a college student like me haha

  29. Anonymous

    That YSL bag…..oh so gorgeous!!

    And this winter has left me feeling pretty down too.

  30. Such a fun weekend ahead, and I love love that YSL purse- upgrading a little I see 😉

  31. I love these pictures cait! And your YSL bag is truly precious!
    Have an amazing weekend!

  32. I love your style, it's so cute and cozy! I hope you feel better and the sun pops up!

  33. winters are so rough for me. have you tried taking vitamin c? i make sure to always surround myself with things that make me happy so that way when i feel gloomy and down i have reasons to not feel that way all around me. it's a battle. hope the gloom disappears soon – in the weather and in your heart.

  34. so many great outfit

  35. Great photos! Can I just have everything in that first photo?! LOL! Love that mug and that bag <3 So cute!

  36. Love your YSL bag:P

    Shall We Sasa

  37. Loved seeing your updates! Haven't tried the marble macchiato but that sounds ah-mazing! Love your desk pic too- Anthro candles smell so good!
    This Side of Paradise

  38. Amazing photos and outfits 🙂 xx


  39. I love seeing your pictures on Instagram and that Starbucks mug is to die for!!

  40. I LOVE your outfit posts on insta!! That YSL tote is GORG! 🙂

    xo, Katy

  41. Such a lovely round-up of beautiful images! Especially love the gorgeous grey bag and your romantic braided hairstyle!


  42. Such cute outfits!! That bag is so gorgeous xx

    I just started my own fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog so if anyone would like to check that out I would really appreciate it!! xx

  43. Winter blues suck. 🙁 I was so happy to see the sun again in December. We only had like a weeks worth of sun that month. Love some of the stuff you wear, but it's too expensive for me. 🙁

  44. You have the most gorgeous of all cats. I guess he really earned his name, haha. Have a lovely Saturday.

  45. I love the way you put together this outfit! Very chic!
    Please drop by my blog at to see my cooking and fashion posts!

  46. Your instagram account makes me swoon! So many beautiful pictures!
    I've been feeling really down recently too, I hope you feel more your usual self soon!
    Reinventing Neesha ♥

  47. I always love everything you wear! I have a very similar style to you but I just have less clothes haha! I'm also looking forward to the warmer weather here in England 🙂

  48. Anonymous

    I'm sorry to hear that you've been feeling down. Winter tend to that : You look great and I really love the outfits!

    Aissa // tea in january

  49. I'm totally feeling the winter blues girl!! I'm so thankful for the sunshine yesterday and today!!!

    Dimples of Dixie

  50. beautiful aoutfits, love your style!

    check out my fashion illustrations:

  51. Love this honest post!!
    I feel like the winter does that sometimes when everything is so gloomy it can really affect your mood. I hope you have a wonderful week 🙂


  52. That YSL bag is to die for!! you look adorable in that pink sweater too! And I agree, winter can be super gloomy, dreary and all around sad. Wearing bright clothes always helps me perk up though!


  53. That YSL bag is AMAZING!! So envious right now! Also, so glad you shared Lulu&Georgia on instagram, because they're amazing and I can't believe I hadn't found out about them until now! P.S. think you would totally love our Sunday Brunch Outfit post that we shared on the blog yesterday!
    xo, Jennifer
    Seek Wander Share
    Follow Seek Wander Share on Instagram

  54. Love that braid…I definitely need to play around with braiding my hair more; it has layers, so it can be tricky, but worth it!

  55. That grey bag is too good and I LOVE the braid!

    Heidi D.

  56. Liza is so into cats so I was showing her Prince George. Ragdoll, right?