Leopard Tee

I cannot believe that it was nearly 70 degrees in Charleston last week… and a mere 30 degrees this week, haha! Yesterday I went for a walk in our neighborhood and wore two coats, a beanie, gloves, and my UGG boots and was STILL cold. So I will look at these photos from Charleston and pretend it’s warm πŸ™‚ I wore this outfit on our trip and am so in love with this leopard sweatshirt tee – when the weather does start getting warmer, it’s a great transition piece because it’s made of a sweatshirt material so it’s still pretty warm (even with the short sleeves). These jeans are pretty old, I bought them last year, but I’m looking for a similar but more affordable pair for this spring – I will keep you updated πŸ™‚

Let’s talk about TV shows. The Bachelor is CRAZY this season – there’s so much drama! My husband has been watching it with me and we even filled out brackets for this season. It’s embarrassing to admit, but he’s actually beating me right now! Anyway, on to the next show…. if you haven’t watched Spinning Out on Netflix yet, you need to start it ASAP! I binge watched it in a couple days because it’s so good. The more people that watch, the more likely they will come out with Season 2, so *pleeeease* everybody watch, I know you will love it too!!!


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  1. Laura Leigh

    It is too cute on you! Love how flowy it is!

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. Alysa

    I love this look! I remember in the past you have made note that you’re a size 25 in jeans (me too!) Did you purchase these in your usual size? Thanks! πŸ™‚

  3. Pamela

    Super cute outfit!! Yes please on finding a similar style for less!

  4. That is such a lovely outfit, you always manage to look sooo put together, I take so much inspiration from that! πŸ™‚
    Xx Janine

  5. This is such a cute outfit! Perfect for transitioning into spring (although we don’t see spring until May here in Maine!)

    I’ve been LOVING The Bachelor too! Peter is such a catch!

  6. Love this tee! Can’t wait until it’s warmer here in the Midwest and I can start wearing short sleeves πŸ™‚

  7. Okay, so 1. you look sooo pretty! Love these photos of you! 2. I LOVE Charleston so much! It’s one of my favorite places down south to visit and getaway to! 3. Totally enjoying this season of The Bachelor! It’s very crazy so early on already- but oh so good! I didn’t really enjoy last season, but I’m glad that didn’t stop me from watching this one. Peter is a total sweetheart and I am dying to see how this ends! Ah! And then 4. I actually hadn’t heard of that show until now, but I trust you, so I’ll give it a shot! Thanks for the new show rec!


  8. Leah

    Hi! I was wondering if you have a particular brand of socks you like to wear with the Vince camuto booties? I got them recently and having a hard time finding no show socks that actually don’t show but also don’t slip down on my foot when I walk!

    • Hey Leah, I actually don’t wear socks with the Vince Camuto booties! I really don’t mind not wearing socks with them (I know it freaks others out haha). Every sock I tried showed on the side, so I just gave up!

  9. That sweatshirt not only sounds nice, it looks super nice as well!
    We don’t have Netflix, so no idea what yhat second show is you’re talking about. :’) We’ve started watching Watchmen now. πŸ™‚

    Xo Noor

  10. Katy

    Cute outfit! What are you wearing on your lips? Love the color! ❀️

  11. Stacy

    What lipstick are you wearing with the leopard shirt?

  12. McKenna

    Love this outfit! The Bachelor is SO crazy this season, but it always seems to be like this in the beginning.


  13. A wonderful outfit. I love animal prints, recently a zebra shirt appeared on my blog. You look beautiful. :* πŸ™‚

  14. Your outfit is so cute!

    -Racquel | http://www.purposelyyou.com

  15. SUCH a cute outfit!!!