Last-Minute Gift Guide!

Good moooorning! Quick question, how many of you guys have Christmas shopping left to do? I am such a procrastinator and *usually* am running around doing all of my shopping at the very last minute! I was so happy because I thought I was all done with my shopping, then last night I realized that I wasn’t – I am actually headed to Charlotte to NORDSTROM today to finish up my list! For those of you who don’t live by a Nordstrom, I put together a little last-minute gift guide – all of these items are from Nordstrom and are GUARANTEED to arrive by Christmas Eve if you order today!

A few things I want to point out – this beanie has soft fleece on the inside and is SOOO warm! I own it in the pink color (you’ve probably seen me wear it on Instagram!). This hook is a portable charger and is great for all girls – it can really attach to anything – a stroller, your handbag, luggage, etc. and will charge your phone anywhere and anyplace. I am always running out of phone battery while I’m out running errands so this is a must-have! If you need a generic gift for someone you don’t know very well, they are guaranteed to love this diptyque candle in the scent “Baies.” It is truly a beautiful and unique scent, and a universal one – everyone I know loves it! And lastly, if you’re shopping for the girl who already has everything fashion/beauty related, why not get her some tech? I own both a fitbit and these noise-cancelling headphones and would be lost without them – I didn’t even know I needed them, until I had them!

Nordstrom is truly a one-stop shop for gifting: they have everything you could ever imagine for your girlfriends, neighbor, husband, mom and dad, beauty queen, best friend + all those people and more. They are also offering FREE SHIPPING that is guaranteed to get here by Christmas Eve – with free returns (no minimums). And if you’re still in need of gift ideas, check out the Holiday Gift section of their site for curated gift guides at different price points. You really can’t go wrong!

*Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post

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  1. Joan Crandall

    Thank you for this cute little list! Just as a little heads up, the links in the story all go back to only the beanie. I think it’s a sign I need a new beanie now…

  2. These are great gifts! Really loving #5!

  3. Hahah girl I feel you, I am such a procrastinator as well!
    Nordstrom does not ship to where I live, well it does but it would not get here by Christmas Eve, however, Amazon Prime is my best friend druing the week before Christmas haha!
    Gifting tech items like a fitbit or headphones is actually an awesome idea – I think I’ll order a Fitbit to add to my brothers Christmas gift! Thanks for the recommendation!
    xx Janine

  4. In love with the cute picture and the ideas are great!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. Actually, I’m DONE! I’m waiting for two more gifts to arrive and I’m finished, hooray! But let’s be real. I’ve been last minute for all my adult life and after last year, I told myself that I wouldn’t let myself shop this late, LOL! And it’s such a relief! I think I’ll get myself something now from your list, ha! Thanks for sharing, Caitlin! xo

    She Sweats Diamonds

  6. love your bow here and LOVE Kiehl’s lip balm <3

    Rebecca |

  7. Such cute ideas! I want that wine board for myself!

    -Karen /

  8. Daria

    Beautiful post and great ideas! What brand and or style is this sweater from Nordstrom? It looks absolutely stunning on you!

  9. I didnt like Bose headphones and returned them, the quality of sound was worse then my 20 bucks phillips headphones and now I have Sony bluetooth headphones for 20 $ and also sound is better then in Bose, and I didnt need noise cancelling feature.

  10. Can you tell me where to buy the sweater you have on in the car interior pic? Its something I’ve been looking for! Thank you!

  11. miri

    What a great gift guide! I love Diptique candles.

  12. I absolutely love this picture!!! So creative and festive! Merry Christmas to you and your family!