Last Minute Baby Buys!

My due date is less than two weeks out (!!!!) and I’m frantically trying to get the nursery finished and order a few last-minute baby items that we need in case I go into labor! I feel like we’re racing against the clock, but Walmart+ has been a LIFESAVER. I was able to buy extra wipes, bottles, and even a diaper pail that arrived the DAY after I placed the order on Walmart’s website! Starting this month, Walmart is now offering Walmart+ free shipping, no order minimum for Walmart+ members (excludes oversized/freight & Marketplace items!) on items from Even if you only order one box of diapers, it’s still shipped free. 

Here are the last-minute baby buys that I ordered from Walmart!

Comotomo Baby Bottles

We had glass bottles on our baby registry, but I decided that we also needed these Comotomo baby bottles at the last minute in case our baby prefers these instead! After doing some research, it seems like the Comotomo bottles are best for babies who are also breastfeeding, since the bottle closely imitates a breast. The entire bottle is squishy, and it has a very wide nipple that makes latching easy for babies. They’re also nontoxic since they’re made of silicone, and are safe for the dishwasher!

Haakaa Breast Pump

I ordered this after hearing a few of my friends (who are new moms) RAVE about the Haakaa! Basically, it’s a super simple (and affordable) silicone breast pump. It’s completely different than a conventional breast pump in that it’s not electric or manual… it works by using suction! My friends use it on the opposite breast while they’re nursing their babies and have been able to build up a large stash of breastmilk to keep in the freezer using just the Haakaa. There are a few different models, but I got the one with the built-in suction base (so that it doesn’t spill!). 

Ubbi Diaper Pail

Our friends also told us that this diaper pail is a MUST-HAVE! It’s made completely of steel and locks in all of the odors from stinky diapers, so that your nursery doesn’t smell bad! We actually ordered a few to keep in different rooms in our house (one in our bedroom and one in the baby’s nursery).

Water Wipes

I did a ton of research on the “safest” wipes for babies, and these ranked the highest! Water Wipes have minimal ingredients and have the Environmental Working Group’s best rating of 1. I ordered a few boxes from Walmart so that I have plenty – I’m even packing some in my bag to use in the hospital!

If you can think of any last-minute baby items I need, let me know in the comments! I may have to place a few more orders through my Walmart+ membership before the baby comes. 😉

*Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post

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  1. Rosella Coleman

    Good luck with your labor and delivery:) Wishing for and easy delivery and healthy baby girl!!!

  2. Anne Arnold

    I really hope everything goes well!! Thinking of you and can’t wait to see baby K!!

  3. Kimberly (RN, IBCLC)

    I love how much you research! You’re going to get So.Much.Advice. from pretty much everybody, qualified or not, so know you’re baby’s best expert for what works for y’all! You’re never as alone as it sometimes feels at 2 am, either. And if you happen to run into any questions about breastfeeding (or anything remotely related), many insurance plans cover multiple visits with an IBCLC. Also, there will be times you look back and wish you’d made a different decision and that’s okay, because we all get to do that in life! The great thing about newborns is they just know they’re loved – they don’t remember our mistakes! Your baby is so blessed to have you and Chris for parents – so excited for y’all! You are going to do just fine and your baby will thrive!

  4. Tara

    Wishing you a happy and healthy delivery! Not product related, but one piece of advice for breastfeeding I wish I had with my first is that when the baby nurses you should hear them swallow (e.g. the sound of a puff of air through the nose or a “gulp”), if they’re just sleepily suckling they may be using you as more of a pacifier and not getting much milk. Pediatricians and other related health care professionals are obviously the best source for information on this, but just something to be aware of and maybe ask a doctor about for any questions. Best of luck and enjoy every moment!!

  5. Andi

    The comotomo baby bottles are the BEST!! All 5 of my nephews are obsessed with these bottles and they are the only bottles they would use. They are supposed to be closest to the breast! The boys version of these wonderful bottles is lime green but the pink for girls is super cute!

  6. Yazmeen

    Wishing you an easy and safe labor and delivery! One note with the hakka, be careful when you use it the first few weeks. I wanted to exclusively breastfeed and didn’t realize that I did not need to have a freezer full of milk since I WFH and wouldn’t need bottles. I used the hakka for almost every feed. This ended up creating an oversupply and forceful letdown which made breastfeeding absolutely dreadful for three months until it regulated. Tread carefully!

  7. Katie C

    The haakaa is amazing!!! I started using it the day I came home from the hospital (10/31/20) and I have a HUGE stash now in the freezer – we barely have any room for food in there now. One real-life tip – my lactation consultant told me to store the Haakaa in the fridge between nursing sessions until 2-4 oz in order to bag it. Place it inside a mug!!!! Even though it has a suction base…it’ll spill. Also, re-suction it throughout the nursing session in order to get the most out of your boob and to make sure that it just doesn’t fall off. I’m a first time mom too. Check out the Hello Bello and Burt’s Bees products too – they ranked high too on being safe. I would also recommend the Moby wrap 🙂


    As a mom of 3 (grown) and an Oma to 3 G-babies…I bought a wipes warmer for them.

  9. Sarah

    So excited for you!!! Yours is one blessed baby to be coming into such a prepared home! You’re going to love every minute of being a mama. Can’t wait to find out her name and the story behind it!

    The two items I’d recommend would be Zarbee’s Gripe Water….used it to stop terrible hiccups in my newborn and for general issues in both of my kids, up to and past 2 yrs old. The second item is a nipple-feeder medicine dispenser…..INVALUABLE!!! I’d not seen one until my friend gave me one and it turned out to be truly the best thing ever. I see that Walmart carries both items, so you could order them easily! 🙂

  10. Linda David

    If you don’t already have them, get some baby gowns instead of onesies. So easy to change diapers. Really cute ones at Buy Buy Baby.
    Wishing you an easy comfortable birth experience 💗

  11. Arline

    Soo excited for you guys!! I’m delivering my 2nd baby in Feb! You probably already have this, but it’s more for you. But nursing pads And postpartum items for you! :)) God bless you guys on this beautiful journey of parenthood! 🥰😘🙏🏼

  12. Susan

    So exciting!! Excited for your next giant adventure!

    Our baby is 13 months old now. A few things we learned from our lactation consultant (IBCLC) that were mind blowing was that there are different sizes of nipples on bottles. To cut down on nipple confusion aka the baby preferring the bottle over the breast is choose a premie sized nipple for the entire time you want to breast feed. NO baby book told us that unfortunately. Also, if you plan to breastfeed or pump at all, HIRE A IBCLC RIGHT THIS MOMENT to help from day one with breastfeeding or even just keeping your supply up. It was crazy for me to learn when women say they “breastfed” their baby, they almost never mean for the whole first year. Breastfeeding and milk supply is near impossible!
    Good luck chica and I wish y’all well in this challenging endeavor!

  13. Kyndol Castrilli

    Hi! I love reading your posts from time to time! Sending well wishes on your new baby SOON! So exciting!!! As a mom of two girls I will give you a quick tip- we used the Ubbi also and it will start to smell eventually (especially when you open it to put another diaper in) so we ended up keeping ours in the garage for both girls. 🤭Just a heads up. 😉They do make (Arm & Hammer brand I think) air fresheners you can put inside the Ubbi to help but it’s not a complete cure. God bless and Happy New Year!🎊

  14. Lacie

    Solly Wrap!!!

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  16. Mary

    Oh I’m so happy for you and your hubby!! I love the mirror too omg that is gorgeous. You are already a good mom. Thank you for all your inspiration and help daily!! I truly to look forward to your blog daily and can’t wait to see you as a mother. You look absolutely stunning as always! I also love the clean colors in the nursery. You have inspired so much that I do around my home as well with your color choices and taste. God bless you 💋

  17. Amy Zurkan

    Love Love your selections! So excited for you! Can’t wait to see Nursery reveal. Hoping you will post!

  18. Aubrey

    SO excited for you! Hands down, the things I valued the most the first 2-4 weeks postpartum this spring were the MamaFrida peribottle, perispray (so soothing), and sitz bath herbal sitz bath sachets, which is basically tea to help ease any genital and perineal discomfort from stretching and tight/dry skin from tearing/stitches (THIS seriously helped me heal). Baby will be just fine with even a few things, haha. You’ll basically be topless and carrying/wearing baby the first 1-2 months anyway, so don’t stress if you don’t have everything and everything in its place upon baby coming home. More importantly, remember to take care of YOURSELF so you can better take care of the baby + actually enjoy that precious window of newborn time. Be patient and kind to yourself too as you may find yourself randomly weepy and sad for no reason while your pregnancy hormones dramatically drop and gradually level out. Your doctor and child’s pediatrician will also ask how you’re doing during each check-up, so don’t be afraid to confide in them how you’re actually doing. It’s a steep learning curve, being a new mama and there’s absolutely no trophy for having a stiff upper lip, haha. Deep breaths! You’ve got this!! Trust the process. 🙂

  19. Stephanie

    Just wanted to wish you the best of luck. You will do great! My little is 4 months old now. One piece of advice is use the nipple butter every time you breastfeed. It will be tough to remember as you will be overwhelmed with joy and meeting your little one. My breasts hurt more then my csection after my first not quite as bad after my second but still it will make your breastfeeding journey a little easier. It takes a couple weeks for your nipples to adjust then it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s an amazing way to bond with your baby. Also utilize the lactation consultants while in the hospital:) And I completely agree the hakaah is a great easy way to store extra milk. Just be careful as she grows she will be able to kick it off and you will get milk every where.

  20. Chris

    Where is that beautiful mirror from? I am due in March and it would be perfect for our nursery as well! :))

  21. Hey girl! Can you like your cool mom sweater? Please and thanks!