I’m starting a BOOK CLUB!

Today I have a veryyyy exciting announcement (one that you probably already guessed, haha!). I’m starting a BOOK CLUB! And you ALL are invited to join! Our book club will be called “Reading Between the Wines” – you guys lovvvved this one on Instastories, and it totally makes sense because most of us are both book-lovers and wine-lovers 😉 (Don’t worry, if you don’t drink, you will still fit in too!) We’ll read one book per month – the books will be brand new and ones that I haven’t recommended on the blog before (so we can all read something new every month).

I decided a Facebook group is more community-oriented and would be the easiest way for us all to talk to each other! You can join the Facebook group HERE. Halfway through the book, I’ll post my thoughts and some discussion questions – and you guys are free to post, too!! Once everyone has finished the book, I’ll do a Facebook Live and we can all drink wine (or sparkling water, soda, juice, etc.) and we can discuss the ending!

January’s Book is…

January’s book will be “Verity” by Colleen Hoover. I am soooo freakin’ excited about this book, y’all – I already read it just to test it out for our Book Club and WOAH OMG YOWZA it is a good one!!! I had no idea what the ending was going to be until practically the last page. Y’all will absolutely LOVE it! I recommend going ahead and ordering the book on Amazon Prime now so that you can go ahead and begin to read. Here is our official reading plan for the month of January:

The Facebook Live session will be on February 4th at 8:30pm EST – I hope you all join me so we can drink wine and chat together!!! I’m really hoping this will be a great experience for us all to bond over some really amazing books. And hopefully a chance for you guys to bond with each other, too!

Let me know if you have any questions about the Book Club, now get to reading!!! (P.S. If you want to share on social media, we are all using the hashtag #betweenthewines) xoxo!

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  1. Yachy Ivy

    Excited!! Please make an IG group! I don’t have a FB account ):

    I’m going to go ahead and prime the book since you’ve mentioned it in this post!

    • Chandra

      Yes please make another way to access the discussion as I don’t have a FB account either.

  2. Christine

    AH I love this so excited ordering now!!!!

  3. Natalie

    This is such a GREAT BOOK! And great for discussions!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  4. Janet

    I want to join!!!

  5. Chandra

    Book ordered! I’ll be in Nee Zealand and needed a good read! I won’t participate in this discussion as I’ll still be out of the country but I am excited for future book recommendations!

  6. Dalene

    Love this idea! I’m excited to try this!

  7. This is suuuch a great idea and I am amazed at how well thought out this is!
    Xx Janine

  8. Read this a few months ago- it’s awesome! What a fun idea to make a FB group!

  9. Samantha

    I love this and I’m so excited!

  10. Ashley

    My new years resolution was to read more books and this was the first I ordered. The book sucked me in and I ended up reading it in one day. The ending made my jaw drop and left me mind blown! It gets a bit dark at places but it was seriously one of the best books I’ve read! Colleen Hoover is an amazing author! Can’t wait to see what other books will be discussed 🙂

  11. kaitlin

    So excited for this! Ordered my book and Im taking it on vacation! Woo!

  12. Corinne Mattioli

    Looking forward to reading this. Waiting to be accepted into the group!

  13. Morgan

    just downloaded this, can’t wait

  14. Carisa Thompson

    This book was crazy ! I read it last year and I think my jaw is still on the floor from that ending!

  15. I am SO excited for this book club!!!

  16. Christina schnabel

    So excited!!! Ordering book now!

  17. Joylyn Dumadag

    I am so excited to start this with you and many others. I have always wanted to join a book club, but could not find enough people. I called a local library, and there are 16 people on the waiting list, so I just went ahead and bought the book through Amazon.

  18. I’ve never been a really big reader but have always wanted that and admired others who are. So I’m very inspired by what you’ve created here and I just clicked the link to join the Facebook group! I’m sure it will serve as a great source of encouragement for me as I try to get into reading!

    Thanks so much for doing this girly! <3


  19. Yay I’m excited for this book club! Just requested to join the FB group 🙂 I also would like to request the book names & authors in advance so I can try to get them from my local library. Will you be sharing February’s book soon?

  20. I’m so excited that you’ve chosen this book because it’s been sitting in my wishlist for 6 months and now finally I’m going to download it to my kindle! Can’t wait to get stuck in!

    Arum Lilea

  21. KenseyW

    I love this! I am actually a little overwhelmed with work and being back in school to try to stay on track with the club but I’ll be reading along as much as I can!! Hope to be on track this spring!

  22. Kathy

    I’m excited to join! I’m ordering the book today!

  23. Brittany

    I don’t have a Facebook but I would love to at least be able to see the book recommendations. I would definitely join the book club if you end up doing it on a different platform! Maybe you could still post about them on your blog? I always enjoy the books you recommend. 🙂

  24. Mallarie

    This book is awesome!!! I have already read it and can’t wait to discuss with y’all!!

  25. Darla

    I was so excited about your book club! First of all I don’t have FB, sorry your discussions will take place there. I understand bulk majority have FB. Secondly I love to support our local library for books! New releases are normally weeks out to reserve. I will read your recommendations, unfortunately will not be able to participate in the discussion. I think your book club will be awesome!

  26. So excited for this! Just ordered my copy 🤗

  27. Amy

    Just finished the book and liked it! However, unfortunately, I don’t use FB. Please let us know if there is an alternative for discussions outside of FB. ☺️

  28. Dianna

    I am so excited about your book club. I just finished Verity and the book is so good. Thanks for the great recommendation. I am still stuck in the book and feel so angry with Lowen and Jeremy though. I am definitely on Verity’s side and wondering if anyone feels the same with me.

    Gonna move on to the next book so I can catch up with your book club!

  29. Maria

    Are you still doing the book club or your book reviews?