How to Pack for a Tropical Vacation

Hey friends! Today’s post is a little different than usual, as I’m sharing some step-by-step pictures of how I pack for a tropical vacation. After my last trip, y’all had a ton of questions about my luggage and how I pack (hence, this post). So let’s get started with carry-on luggage. Your carry-on should contain any items that would be essential within 24 hours of travel – when traveling internationally, checked luggage can often be delayed for up to a day. Here are some lessons to live by when it comes to your carry-on:
*Always pack your most valuable items in your carry-on, including cameras, jewelry, purses, etc.
*Include a change of clothes (even underwear!) in case your checked luggage were to get lost
*For a tropical vacation, always pack a bathing suit and travel sunscreen in your carry-on
*Other items to think about: medicine, chargers, headphones and anything you will need to be comfortable on the plane!

Here’s a peek into my carry-on… on the right side (which is zipped!), I pack my most valuable items including jewelry and a few pairs of expensive shoes. I use this travel jewelry case – it has an anti-tarnish LusterLoc lining to make sure your jewelry doesn’t tarnish while traveling. Other items I pack in my carry-on include:
*My Sony alpha a5000 camera for vlogs and travel photos
*An extra bikini
*All of my sunglasses (including this new pair)
*A change of clothing (plus bra & underwear)
*Travel-sized Advil, Tums, hair vitamins & my favorite lip balm
*Portable chargers and wall chargers for technology
*My laptop or iPad

Now on to checked baggage! I always try to pack way too much into my checked luggage… lately I have been a lot better about keeping it under 50 pounds πŸ™‚ When planning outfits for a vacation, it really helps me to write them all down before I start packing. On a notepad, I separate clothing by categories (pants, dresses, shorts, skirts) and write down each item I’m bringing with me. Then I usually set everything out on my bed to help me outfit plan, so that I don’t forget anything!
Some tips for checked baggage:
*Lay out your outfits on your bed or bedroom floor before you pack them in your suitcase 
*If you’re packing beach bags or handbags, fill them! I packed a huge straw beach bag into my checked baggage by filling it with clothes inside of my suitcase
*Pack your toiletries & makeup in your checked luggage, because there is no liquid limit 
*Keep the packaging on your shoes to help them keep their shape
*Insect repellant is a must for tropical locations
*Pack multiple swimsuits – it’s harder for them to dry in humid locations!
*Don’t pack delicate straw hats inside your luggage – they WILL get ruined (trust me). I always carry mine onto the plane with me!

I also had a lot of questions concerning my Delsey luggage. I own the 28″ spinner trolley and the 21″ carry-on trolley in the “champagne” color. I was debating between a few different brands, but am so so happy I went with Delsey! The design is really functional and so easy to pack, and the wheels are incredibly high quality and roll 360 degrees for easy transportation through the airport. Each suitcase comes with TSA-approved combination locks to keep all the contents safe & locked away during travel. The interior also includes a hanger and removable pouches (which I use for laundry during trips). I also fell in love with the white & tan exterior – most of the emails I get about this luggage have to do with the white exterior staying clean. For the first three or four trips, the luggage stayed crisp and white. I did notice that it started to get a few scruffs after that (the airport is SO HARD on your luggage). Since it has a hard shell exterior, it’s pretty easy to clean. I use a magic eraser to clean up the scuffs. I am more worried about my luggage contents staying safe than I am about scuffs, but if you are worried, the luggage also comes in black!

If you have any questions about how I pack my luggage, let me know in the comments! πŸ™‚


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  14. Is your couch from Pottery Barn? If so, what color fabric did you choose?

  15. is your couch from pottery barn? if so, what color fabric did you choose?

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