Gift Guide: Nordstrom

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I wanted to round up a few items from my favorite retailer that would be guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas! (Side note – can you believe that we are about to hit shipping deadlines? That means Christmas is CLOSE!!) I have a few of the items on this list and can certainly vouch for them – like these leopard pajamas! These are my favorite pajamas because they’re super soft and hold up really well in the washing machine (I wore a plain black pair to the hospital to give birth to Kennedy). I also have this Skinny Lighted Mirror which not only looks pretty sitting out on your bathroom countertop, but works extremely well for applying your makeup! Our bathroom doesn’t get a ton of light and this mirror always helps a ton. I also added my favorite body wash and lotion to this list – both are unscented and free of parabens, phthalates, etc. and work really well! I end up going through a ton of that lotion every winter because my skin is dry – it’s immediately calming and moisturizing!


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  1. Gorgeous selections, as per usual! The mirror looks like it would be super helpful during early mornings, and of course I love the YSL bag!