Gift Guide: New Mom

Dreamland Baby Dream Weighted Sleep Sack & Dreamland Baby Dream Pajamas (20% off with code CAITLIN20) // baby booties // mug and warmer set // Hatch Rest mini sound machine // Baby Björn Harmony Baby Carrier // adult cable knit beanie // personalized baby double pom beanie // Becoming Mama journal // Skin & Senses Fearless Mama Belly Butter // Hatch Nipple Balm // Béis diaper backpack tote // Teddy “Stuff” Cosmetic Bag // Nike Air Max sneakers // Eberjey plush robe // wine glasses

One of the most highly-requested gift guides this year has been the Gift Guide for the New Mom! Since Kennedy is not even two years old, I have very vivid memories of her as a newborn – and all of the anxiety and worry I felt over being a first-time mom. Here are a few gift ideas that are sure to comfort the new mama in your life, whether she is still pregnant or already had her baby! I’m calling out my very favorites below.

Dreamland Baby Dream Weighted Sleep Sack (20% off with code CAITLIN20) // The Dreamland Baby sleep sack is what initially helped Kennedy to start sleeping through the night! (And trust me, when you’re a new mom, every minute of extra sleep is PRECIOUS.) These sleep sacks are gently weighted on the front to relax and induce sleep (it makes a newborn feel like they’re in the womb again!), however they don’t restrict movement at all. This is the perfect gift for anyone expecting and/or with a child from 0-2 years old! You can take 20% off with code CAITLIN20.

Mug and warmer set // As a mom, you often have to heat up your coffee in the microwave several times per morning since it gets cold before you can drink it all. Now your new mama can have warm coffee all day with this mug and warmer set!

Hatch Rest mini sound machine // A sound machine is a must, for both mom and baby.

Baby Björn Harmony Baby Carrier // Baby-wearing really saved me in the first couple months of Kennedy’s life – I was able to wear her while doing laundry, cooking dinner, etc. My favorite baby carrier, without a doubt, was our Baby Björn! It is the most comfortable and supportive to wear, and now they come in a ton of cute colors (even pink!).

Skin & Senses Fearless Mama Belly Butter & Hatch Nipple Balm // Two products that will DEFINITELY be used by any new mama. The belly butter especially – it is a staple in my body care routine (both before and after pregnancy).

Béis diaper backpack tote // Every mama needs a cute diaper bag, and this backpack takes the cake! Aside from being cute, this diaper bag is spacious inside and quickly converts from backpack to toe with removable straps. It also includes a large changing pad!

Eberjey plush robe // A soft robe is a luxurious gift that any new mama will live in.

Let me know if you have any other ideas! xoxo

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