Gift Guide: New & Expecting Moms

Barefoot Dreams robe // silk hair ties // “Mama” necklace // silk pillowcase & mask set // lace nursing bralette // “Mama” coffee mug // Adidas sneakers // Boppy nursing pillow // Tula eye balm // Living Proof dry shampoo // Mario Badescu lip balm // fuzzy cosmetic pouch // pacifier pouch // Solly baby wrap // “Mama” sweatshirt // “Mini” sweatshirt // quilted diaper bag // wine labels

A few of you asked me to put together a gift guide for new or expecting mothers, and I thought that was an awesome idea! It feels like so many women are pregnant right now or just gave birth (seriously, more than a DOZEN of my friends are either pregnant right now or gave birth this year). Before pregnancy, I had NO idea what to get an expecting mother! But now that I’ve made it to the home stretch of pregnancy, I think I have a pretty good idea. 🙂 Here are my top picks:

Barefoot Dreams

Anything Barefoot Dreams is a YES from me, including this Barefoot Dreams robe. It’s seriously the softest material I’ve ever felt in my life and holds up extremely well in the washing machine, so it will last for years. A new mom will probably be at home a lot for the first couple of months, so it would be great to have a soft robe or blanket nearby at all times!


A new mom deserves to feel pampered… that’s why I recommend these silk hair ties and this silk pillowcase & mask set. The silk hair ties won’t hurt or damage your hair, and the silk pillowcase is gentle on your face and hair while you sleep. I’m not a mother just yet, but I also have a feeling that the eye mask will come in handy!

Cute sneakers

Some cute Adidas sneakers will get your new or expecting mama motivated to leave the house. Walks are great during pregnancy, and I personally can’t WAIT to take my new baby for a stroll after she arrives!

Things to Help Her Look Fresh

I’ve heard from all my friends that you don’t get much sleep for the first couple of months with a newborn. Enter: dry shampoo and Tula eye balm! This Living Proof dry shampoo is incredible if you don’t have time to wash your hair… and the Tula eye balm works WONDERS for tired eyes. (Use code CMCOVING for a discount on the eye balm!)

If all else fails… wine

I tell you what, I cannot wait to have my first glass of wine once baby arrives… it has been a long nine months 😉 These wine labels are absolutely adorable and would make a fantastic gift for the new mom! They say things like “Diaper Blowout,” “Back in Skinny Jeans” and “Date Night with Daddy,” all wonderful excuses to pour a glass of wine.

Here are some more new mom favorites, below!

P.S. All of these *should* still arrive in time for Christmas if you order this week! And if you still need some ideas, you can check out all of my gift guides for the season here. I thought I was getting a head start this year, but somehow found myself staying up late last night to finish my online shopping! Oopsies! Now to just pray that it all comes in time. 🙂


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  1. These are definitely great gift ideas!!

  2. Hunter

    I have loved following you for years, but as a fellow mom to be, I am so disappointed with the wine labels you shared. Specifically the “back in skinny jeans.” You are just promoting the idea of women needing to fit back into their pre-baby clothes when that is not the reality for SO many. I hope you can be more thoughtful and sensitive going forward.

    • Hey Hunter, I respect and appreciate your opinion, as it sounds like a very sensitive subject for you! I honestly did not mean any harm by including the labels, I thought they were cute and funny and not meant to be taken seriously. The other labels have names like “When the Babysitter Cancels” and “Mommy Meltdown” so they are all supposed to be lighthearted! Including the wine labels as a gift idea in a gift guide is NOT a statement on my part promoting the idea of women needing to fit back into their pre-baby clothes right away. just thought it was a cute gift idea and that’s all!

      • Hunter

        What a disappointing response!! This isn’t a sensitive subject just for me, it is for many women! You sharing the labels is most definitely a statement on your part – everything you share reflects directly back onto you. I have been following you for YEARS and know you can do way better then this.

        • Jenn

          Wow, Hunter.. let me get this right….you think the wine labels Caitlin posted is her promoting women to get back in try their pre-pregnancy jeans? Under your logic, I guess she’s also suggesting we all put our hair in ponytails too? I hope you are the one who can “be more thoughtful” when posting such ridiculousness. Ditto to everything Anne wrote.
          GREAT post Caitlin! As a 2x mom, the labels are hilarious! Merry Christmas!!!

        • Lauren

          What a DISAPPOINTENT YOU ARE, Hunter to all of the women. Attacking 9 months pregnant woman, who could of been taking it easy, but still is trying her best to work, giving us EXCELLENT gift ideas. Keep your unhappiness to yourself . In these unprecedented times we do not need Grinch like you to find worse in perfectly fine things. What we need is more LOVE. If you prefer not to loose any of your baby weight – it is your ( also UNHEALTHY) personal choice. Do not get upset about not seeing support written everywhere. As a doctor, I can assure you nothing is wrong with being motivated to loose weight to be healthy after pregnancy, ( overweight creates MANY health issues!) not as Caitlin was promoted that – it was a LABEL on the bottle!!!! Your comments are pathetic, ignorant and do not have any logic. Even after Caitlin answered to you in a extremely polite manner, you are still unhappy and angry. What makes you think people are willing to spend time reading your nonsense? SHAMEFULL! Find a psychologist to work with before it is too late, it will be helpful for your mental health, which is ignored by many.
          GREAT, USEFUL post Caitlin! Merry Christmas and SAFE delivery!!!!

    • Anne Arnold

      Hi Hunter, I think you’ll find that the term skinny jeans used on those bottles could also just refer to skinny cut jeans, as in no boot cut, no flare, no maternity jeans. Brands like Topshop, for example, specifically call some of their jeans skinny jeans and it simply refers to the shape of them, not who can wear them. If you have been an avid reader of Caitlin’s blog for many years, as have I in fact, then I’m surprised about your comment as she is not like that at all.
      Have a great Christmas.

  3. Ahh I love this guide! So many great gift ideas. My sister in law just gave birth a few days ago and I had been wondering what would make a great gift. Some of these did cross my mind, so I guess I was thinking on the right track after all! 🙂