Gift Guide: For Toddlers

playhouse tent // little helper wooden knife // ballerina pillow // pink beanie // personalized wooden clock // anywhere play shapes set // personalized ballerina print // sparkle star sneakers // personalized pearl bows // personalized oversized anywhere chair // ballerina reindeer // pink dollhouse

If you have a toddler, then you probably already know this, but they are SO MUCH FUN to buy for. Kennedy is finally at the age where she loves and appreciates toys, so I know this Christmas is going to be a blast!! Honestly, the girl gets excited just to receive a sheet of stickers, so anything on this list would be above and beyond for her. Here are a few call-outs of my favorite items, and a few we have ordered for her!

playhouse tent // This playhouse tent has great reviews and seems to be just the perfect size for a two-year-old. It even comes with star lights! I can see Kennedy playing in here with her baby dolls and absolutely loving it.

little helper wooden knife // This toddler knife is a safe, cute, and effective way to get your toddler involved with you in the kitchen. Kennedy is always wanting to help me cut her fruit, but I don’t feel comfortable letting her use a real knife (duh, haha) – this wooden knife is the perfect option! It’s easy to grasp and will cut through a lot of different foods, from bananas to apples.

ballerina pillow // Seriously the prettiest pillow I’ve ever laid eyes on!

sparkle star sneakers // Kennedy has a pair of sneakers almost just like this and they’re her favorite pair!

personalized oversized anywhere chair // We got an “anywhere chair” for Kennedy last Christmas and it has been a wonderful gift – she uses it every single day! I think she really loves having a chair made especially for her, that’s her size! If this particular style doesn’t match your decor, Pottery Barn makes DOZENS of styles in all kinds of colors and patterns.

pink dollhouse // My personal favorite item on the list!!! This dollhouse is absolutely stunning and is carefully crafted with eco-friendly wood (so it’s non-toxic, too). I love the little details, from the wainscoted roof to the scalloped trim. Kennedy loves playing with her small dolls and bunnies, and this little house would make the perfect “home” for all her friends.

striped play tent // electric Land Rover // personalized wooden train // play workbench // kids digital camera // personalized wooden clock // little helper wooden knife // labradoodle sherpa pillow // toddler sports activity center // UGG boots // stuffed sloth

I couldn’t round up toddler girl favorites without thinking of the boys, too! Here are a few call-outs from this list:

electric Land Rover // If your little boy is into cars, consider getting them a battery-powered car for Christmas! I received a Barbie Jeep when I was growing up and I will never forget it, it was the best Christmas of my life. This one is beautiful and is available in black, too!

play workbench // Your toddler can be just like daddy with this play workbench. With 21 accessories consisting of 5 screws, 5 screw nuts, 3 nails, 3 perforated strips and 5 tools, your little one will never run out of projects to work on.

kids digital camera // Kennedy has this camera and it’s a great toy for both boys and girls! It’s a real, working digital camera but it’s completely kid-proof, meaning you can’t break it.

toddler sports activity center // For the little boy who’s a sports-lover, this is your gift! The basketball goal can be raised as they get older (and taller), and it has a built-in soccer goal underneath. I also know a little girl (ahem, Kennedy) that would love to play with this toy!

UGG boots // We all know how comfortable UGG boots are, and now your little one can be stylish and cozy at the same time! If I had a little boy, I would 100% be buying these for Christmas.

If you have a toddler and know what you’re getting them for Christmas, I’d love to hear!


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  1. SALLY

    Caitlin. Great picks for a Christmas present for my baby niece. She loves bears and plays with them all day long and sleeps with her little bear. I love the pink dollhouse too. That is her next gift. As for bears my boyfriend loves buying them for me and I cuddle with them when he is not around. He cuddles with them too when I am too hot to be cuddled. Also our daughter cat loves sleeping with bears and humans too.

  2. Thank you for sharing this; it is cute and gives me an idea of what to buy for my niece and nephew.