Gift Guide: For The Kids

rattan doll crib // flower sunglasses // Wes The Westie // pink bike // toy ukulele // 20oz Stanley // princess ballerina doll // pink bow wall art // Classic Mini II Ugg boots // pink nail polish // plush tea set // sherpa bear chair // pink suede slippers // retro toy phone // indoor trampoline

I’m back with another gift guide… this one for the kiddos! I have been shopping online for Kennedy and wanted to share a few of my favorite items that I came across. I know Kennedy would love this plush tea set (she has a real tea set and has already broken two tea cups – which is why I like this plush option!), this retro toy phone and princess ballerina doll. There are a lot of bicycles and trampolines out there, but this pink bike and neutral indoor trampoline are by far the cutest I’ve ever seen!!! And finally, she is SO inter her baby dolls right now, I think she would love this rattan doll crib and it would fit right into her bedroom decor.

toy tool bench // blue sunglasses // Fiona The Fawn // blue bike // toy ukulele // mini karaoke machine // Little Man Cave wall art // Neumel II Chukka Ugg boots // golf cart baseball hat // 20oz Stanley // sherpa bear chair // custom wool felt pennant // kids camera // indoor trampoline

Even though I’m not a boy mom, I didn’t want to leave you guys out! Hopefully this is on par for what little boys would love šŸ™‚ I think this toy tool bench is absolutely adorable, and how cute is this Little Man Cave wall art for a playroom wall?


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  1. Iā€™m obsessed with the bike! šŸ’•