Gift Guide: For the Homebody

Good morning everyone, I’m so excited to bring you my FIRST gift guide of the season! Every week on the blog from now until Christmas I’ll be sharing some gift ideas for the friends and family members in your life. For instance, we all know someone who is a homebody – loving anything and all things cozy and who prefers curling up in a robe with a mug of tea than going out for the night, and this gift guide is for them. Here are a few highlights from this gift guide that have my 100% recommendation:

one // Wubby Fleece Pullover

Who WOULDN’T want this fleece pullover?! I would love to find this under my Christmas tree! And what’s even better than how soft and fuzzy it is? The fact that it’s currently on sale!

two // velvet bow slippers

These are on my personal Christmas List. I love having a good pair of slippers for the Winter months, and these look SOOOO warm! They come in two other colors (black and maroon) but I really love the soft pink. Plus they’re made by UGG, so you can be sure that they’re high quality!

three // fresh fig honey bubble bath

This bubble bath is also on sale (currently 15% off!) and has AMAZING reviews. I’m going to order one myself to test out so I can report back to you guys. 😉 One reviewer on the website says, “Laura Mercier bath products are highly effective (so many bubbles), wonderful for the skin (I don’t need to use body lotion after bathing with this), and the scent of this one in particular is divine. I find that they make for wonderful little gifts – they’re so luxurious and universally appreciated that you just can’t go wrong with them!”

four // pom pom beanie

I love all beanies, but this one in particular is SO cute – from the soft grey color to that big pom pom on top!

five // faux fur wine holder

This is literally the best way to gift a bottle of wine – wrapped in this adorable faux fur wine holder!! HOW COZY does it look?! It’s so cute, I would keep this out on my counter for the winter months.

six // diptyque Candle

I own this diptyque candle in the scent “Baies” and it is by far the best smelling candle that I own! These candles are a little bit of an investment but they’re so worth it. Anyone who likes candles will adore this gift!

seven // marble laptop skin

This marble laptop skin is perfect for your friend who likes to Netflix & Chill.

eight // let’s get cozy pajamas

I think every woman likes receiving cute Christmas pajamas, amiright?! These come in a couple of different patterns, and really all of them are cute. This particular pair has the cutest PJ bottoms – there are pictures of coffee cups, wine glasses and eye masks all over!

nine // bright eyes set

Give the gift of beauty sleep with this “bright eyes” set – it includes  five  collagen patches for dark under-eye areas (the perfect daily pick-me-up for tired eyes!) and a plush pink embroidered sleep mask. I swear by these eye patches – they de-puff the skin around your eyes and help fill in the appearance of fine lines around the eye area.

ten // pom pom blanket

One of my favorite blankets – this year they even came out with a couple of new plaid versions! I own this blanket in the grey color and I love how it looks on the back of my couch. The pom poms are a really fun touch, and the blanket itself is SUPER soft!

If you have any specific requests for Gift Guides this year, let me know! I’m definitely thinking of doing a men’s gift guide as well as a post on what I’m personally asking Santa for this Christmas! 🙂 xoxo

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  1. Marcie B

    Dog gift guide ♥️

  2. Yes, i looove gift guides! Those items work for a lot of people that “already have it all” aswell, if you know what I mean!
    I adore that Pom Pom blanket – so cute!
    Xx Janine

  3. Love all of these pieces, thanks for the great gift guide Cait!

    Happy Tuesday!

  4. I’m so loving this gift guide! I’m such a homebody and there are definitely several things i want!

  5. Elena

    Love the post!!!

    I was wondering – which laptop do you own/ recommend? Do you do most of your work on a laptop or desktop?

    Thank you so much!!! <333

    • I own a Macbook Air (laptop) and love it!! I do have a desktop computer but I rarely use it 🙂

  6. Laura Leigh

    I’m such a homebody so can I just have this all 🙂

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

  7. Lindsey

    Would love to see a gift buying guide for coworkers or other people in your life you want to get a little something for without breaking the bank! & not something totally boring!

  8. Melissa

    not related question. We are thinking of flying with our dog (12 lbs) and carrying her on the plane. I know you have traveled with Winnie and wondered if you had any tips/advice. We’ve never flown with her before.

    • I found it really difficult to travel by airplane with Winnie! You have to keep dogs in a carrier underneath the seat in front of you. I was worried about her the whole time, and a few times I heard her whining – then she somehow got out of the carrier and the flight attendant got really mad – it was kind of a nightmare! I registered her as an emotional support dog afterwards, so that next time she can sit in my lap on the airplane. If your dog is really well-behaved then she might be fine in the carrier, Winnie gets anxious really easily and had no idea what was happening to her and was so scared!

  9. Lianne

    What program did you use to make this collage? I 💗 it!

  10. Ummm yes please! Need all of this! <3

  11. Ashley Sterling

    Dog + cat (cat mom over here) gift guide!

  12. Jordee Kalk

    Love this so much!! How about a gift guide of what to get your mom?


  13. Akoboe

    I wanted to love the Wubby Fleece but just returned it today. Even after sizing down it was HUGE and boxy and not flattering at all.

  14. Hannah

    Love those gifts!

  15. I need to win that Nordstrom Gift Card so I can buy some of your favorites!

  16. Victoria Chan

    I want all of these myself! Haha but know so many others who would love getting these as gifts.

  17. What amazing gifts! All wonderful choices 🙂

  18. Kristin Johnson

    Love this post! Putting everything on my Christmas list. Thank you for the ideas!

  19. Sabrina

    OH. MY. GOSH. Cait! This is an amazing gift guide! Sending this whole post straight to my fiancé! Haha. I am so into everything soft and snuggly in the winter and my heavens this is it. My friends and I are obsessed with eye masks so these will be great for a girls night!

  20. Absolutely Lovely, Caitlin!
    I’m trying to pull together a blog post for men’s gift ideas as well and it is SO challenging for me!
    I also love the wine holder, very unique 🙂


  21. these are all things i seriously need to invest in! all i do is sit at home cause my husband is in the military so he’s always gone! definitely a home body right here lol! your blog is so helpful!

  22. Libby Cowart

    Looooove home gifts. It’s so hard to shop for them because I just want to buy everything for myself!

  23. Mary D

    This marble laptop skin is perfect for your friend who likes to Netflix & Chill.
    …please aprise yourself to the quasi meaning of Netflix & Chill …its not as innocent as you would think!