Gift Guide: For Him

grilling tool set // sunglasses // wireless headphones // Abercrombie sweater // dumbbell set // Yeti cooler // reusable camera // personalized keychain // mesh snap back // rechargeable lantern // personalized keg // Stanley 20oz bottle // Nike sneakers // personalized memo cards // personalized leather overnighter

I always think men are the HARDEST to buy for! Especially when they claim they “have everything they need” and can’t give you any gift ideas (ahem, I’m talking about you, husband and dad!). I wanted to put together a list of thoughtful gifts for the men in your life, whether it’s a grilling tool set, a personalized keg, or his own, personal Stanley cup. (Who wouldn’t love that??) Chris personally owns this dumbbell set and loves it because they don’t take up much room, but can be adjusted from 10 pounds up to 50 pounds, with five different weight options total. He also owns this Yeti cooler and uses it a lot – again, it does not take up much room, but seems to be the perfect size for both tailgates and entertaining!

Here are some other creative gift ideas:

More Gift Ideas

A new gaming system // A lot of guys love to game, and would love a new X-Box or gaming console for Christmas! The Playstation 5 is available online and is a little easier to get your hands on now than it has been in the past, or another great option is the Nintendo Switch! Chris has a Switch and LOVES his. Although he’s not really a gamer, he pulls out his Switch a few times per week to play in bed after a stressful day. Another good idea is to buy video games for a console that he already owns.

Smart Watch // If an Apple Watch is too expensive, Chris and I really love our Fitbit Watches and highly recommend them! The Fitbit does many things that the Apple Watch does, like showing your text notifications and tracking your steps, but the technology is more accurate for heart-rate monitoring. Chris really loves the sleep score feature – he is constantly telling me his sleep score for the previous night, lol. 

Steak or Beer of the Month Club // Consider gifting the man in your life a subscription service that brings him a new delivery every month. Some options include a Steak of the Month Club, or a craft beer or wine subscription service so that he can test different drinks each month. This is a gift that keeps on giving!

Man Cave Accessories // Chris LOVES his “man cave” aka the bonus room in our house, and you can find him there pretty much every weekend. Consider some gifts that would transform a room in your house into a man cave – like a TV or nice surround sound speaker system. You could also get him posters or panoramic pictures of sports games to adorn the walls. And if you want to go the extra mile, an arcade game, pool table or indoor basketball hoop set is an awesome idea. 

Sporting Event or Concert Tickets // Never underestimate the value of experiences over things! In particular, I find that men (or at least my husband) loves sporting events above all else. If your man has a favorite team or band, you could always research games and concert dates and buy tickets in advance. For my husband, the ultimate gift would be tickets to see a Clemson football game!

Let me know if you have any other creative gift ideas for men!


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