Gift Guide: For Her

I swear it is easy to buy gifts for others, but REALLY hard to come up with gift ideas for myself! Do you feel that way, too? My husband and parents have already been hounding me and asking what I want for Christmas, so I’ve been trying to brainstorm a few ideas. All of the items on this list are either on my personal Christmas Wish List or I already own them and highly recommend! Before we dive in, I wanted to make a call out that the Aera diffusers and Aera holiday gift set are all 20% off with code CAITLIN20 right now. This is what Chris and I use in our home to make it smell good and we love ours!!

And here are some more gift ideas, in order as shown above!

Stanley tumbler // Hands down the BEST water bottle out there! First of all, there’s something about the Stanley tumbler that is just so nice and kind of addicting to drink out of – if you have it, I’m sure you get it! I think it’s the straw… or it could be the fact that it’s so big, you hardly ever have to refill it. Secondly, the bottom is smaller than the top portion, and for that reason it is able to fit in your car’s cup holder, despite how much water it holds! GENIUS!

Beats Fit Pro // I’ve heard great things about these headphones AND they’re the prettiest shade of pink.

UGG mini platform boots // I told my husband that these boots are what I want for Christmas! He is going to try to find them in stock before Christmas – if you find them, SNAG THEM! They are so cute and look comfy, too.

BaubleBar bow earrings // Also on my Wish List. These earrings are the perfect way to dress up any outfit.

Chanel nail polish // The formula of this nail polish is sooo nice, it really lives up to the Chanel name!

AirPods Pro keychain case // This keychain case is an easy way to store your headphones and prevent them from getting lost (since you can attach it to your keys!). It also comes in a beautiful pink color.

Personalized leather phone case // This is a GORGEOUS phone case from one of my favorite retailers. It also comes in five other color combinations!

Bala bangle weights // I use these weights for my pure barre classes and they’re the best! They stay on well and never hurt my ankles or wrists. Plus they come in a bunch of cute colors.

Lululemon fleece belt bag // The IT bag of the year!!!! I was not really sure why everyone liked these bags… until I got one of my own. Now I understand the hype! So cute and easy to carry around your essentials hands-free.

Volcano hand cream // The best-smelling hand cream ever.

YSL quilted leather handbag // Need I say more? One look at this bag says it all!

Personalized leather desk notepad // This is a great gift for the working girl. The personalization aspect of the gift really sets this apart from the others.

Celine cat eye sunglasses // Celine can do no wrong! These sunglasses are both retro and totally trendy 6at the same time.

Balloon wine glass // Also on my Wish List – for after the baby arrives, of course! I can’t wait to pour myself a big glass of Pinot Noir. 😉

Aera diffusers & Aera holiday gift set // All 20% off with code CAITLIN20. Chris and I have a few Aera diffusers throughout our house (we use the standard diffuser for medium/large rooms and the mini for smaller rooms). The scents are made with the highest quality fragrance and essential oils (you can even check out all the ingredients here – they are super transparent), and you can use the Aera app to schedule fragrances to turn off and on whenever you wish. We love ours!!

What’s on your Christmas Wish List this year?


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