Get Organized With Me! Fridge Edition

Every year in January I get on a health and organization kick. The weather is usually so dreary, and it’s the perfect time to stay inside and get your home organized! I think of it like a fresh start every year. Our fridge was an absolute wreck (proof below). I feel like we currently have more food than ever because 1. Kennedy is now a member of the household and she needs lots of food every day, and 2. Chris and I are trying to eat more meals at home, so we naturally have to have more in the fridge. Thankfully, the Home Edit (whom I love following on Instagram) just came out with a collab with Walmart, and they released all sorts of organizational systems for your home. They have dedicated organizational systems for your laundry room, bathroom, pantry and more, that make it really easy to transform your messy spaces.

Here’s a before-and-after of our fridge:

To start with, I took EVERYTHING out of the fridge and placed it on our kitchen countertops. From there, I went through and purged items that were expired or had gone bad. For instance, several of our sauces had expired, we had some old pizza that no one was going to eat, and we had two packages of blueberries that could be combined into one. Once the fridge was completely empty, I wiped down all of the shelves with a cleaning solution and then put in these modular organizational units from Walmart. I bought the ones that are made for your pantry – in my opinion, they work great in the fridge, too!

Then it was time to put everything back in the fridge. I decided to section off areas of the fridge for certain categories.

The right section of the fridge is now dedicated to drinks. I used this tiered riser to organize all of the drinks and it works perfectly! Now we no longer have to dig through the fridge to see what’s at the back; this riser allows you to easily see everything and reach it.

I’m using one of the larger bins to hold all of our dinner meals/ingredients. This week we happened to have a Home Chef delivery, so it was really easy to place all of the bags in the bin. On weeks that we don’t have Home Chef, I’ll just place each ingredient for dinner in that bin so that we can keep it organized. Plus, when it’s dinnertime, all you have to do is reach in that bin for the ingredients.

Some of the smaller bins were the perfect size for organizing Kennedy’s pouches. A loaf of bread fit perfectly into one also!

I also went through and organized our fruit and vegetable drawers, moving all the veggies to the left side and all of the fruits to the right side.

I encourage you to check out The Home Edit collab for Walmart – there are so many organization systems, you’ll want them all!

Now, who thinks we can keep our fridge THIS organized over the next year?! 😛

*Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post

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  1. Sarah

    I see Cherry’s salad dressing in your door! Love!

  2. I also follow The Home Edit on Instagram, and their tips have been instrumental in helping me organize! You did a wonderful job with your fridge. Also, I love your sweater dress!


  3. I absolutely love these finds, I have no idea the Home Edit was doing a collaboration with Walmart! Moving into a new house this week and definitely have to grab some.

    – Becky
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  4. I love this post!! I need to do this ASAP, and I will definitely check out these organizers. It really is the perfect time of year to get organized. We just got a bunch of snow, and other than to shovel the driveway, I’d rather be inside organizing my fridge, haha.

    Wishing you a wonderful week, friend!

    Make Life Marvelous

  5. I love organizing the kitchen! The new year is such a great time to do it. The fridge is so hard to maintain though. Lol

  6. I really love how yours turned out! Fridge organization is definitely something I plan on getting into this year. Well, all the organization really! haha Pantry, under the sink cabinets, etc.! I just need to figure out containers since there are so many options available and I’m indecisive. 🙂