First Trimester Essentials

As I’m writing this post, I’m 15 weeks pregnant, so I’m officially out of the first trimester! I wanted to round up all of the items I used and really loved so far. To be honest, this pregnancy has felt so much different than my first! I have been sooo nauseous and, I won’t go into too much detail, but I’ve also had some very scary episodes where I’ve come close to passing out. Super strange! So I think I’ve relied on a lot more “products” to try to help me through it.

Anyway, let’s begin! And if you’re pregnant right now I would love to hear your “must-haves” too, so please comment below!

A notebook or journal // I keep a small journal in my nightstand drawer to write in. I just write a few sentences every day (it only takes a few minutes), it could be a new word Kennedy learned or how I am feeling. I really wish I had done this during my first pregnancy to look back on! I have been writing in this journal, but this Stoney Clover Lane notebook is sooo cute, I think I need it. 😉

Spindrift // There are days when plain water doesn’t sound too appealing (when I’m nauseous I have a really hard time drinking plain water!). Enter: Spindrift, specifically the grapefruit flavor. It’s made with real grapefruit juice and is the perfect blend of tart and fizzy. I have really enjoyed these during this pregnancy and I make sure we ALWAYS have some on hand!

Stanley tumbler // Even though plain water doesn’t sound too appealing, I know how important it is to drink lots of water during pregnancy. I keep this Stanley tumbler by my side every minute of the day, usually filled with lots and lots of ice (along with water, too, lol). There’s something about the Stanley tumbler that is just so nice and kind of addicting to drink out of – if you have it, I’m sure you get it! I think it’s the straw… or it could be the fact that it’s so big, you hardly ever have to refill it. Either way, I am obsessed with this thing and really want some new colors!

Amazon sweatshirt and shorts // Comfy clothes allll the way. 99% of the time, I am in my comfiest lounge clothes, usually something like this sweatshirt and shorts (if my lounge clothes are at least matching, then I feel a bit better about myself, haha).

Purely Elizabeth Keto granola // I have been feeling really nauseous and faint first thing in the morning when I wake up (I can sometimes barely make it through cooking Kennedy’s eggs in the morning without passing out). I started eating a snack right when I woke up, before I even got out of bed in the morning, and it helped so much! So now I keep this exact granola on my nightstand for this reason. I really love this granola… besides tasting great, it’s grain-free and contains healthy fats! I’ve also been eating it with plain Greek yogurt and berries as a bedtime snack.

Jonesbar snack bar // Eating lots of small, nutritious snacks throughout the day helps me when I’m feeling nauseous (rather than eating a few big meals). These Jonesbar snack bars were a huge help during my first pregnancy so I ordered them again for this one! They taste great, are “clean” (made only with four ingredients), and they’re easy to stash in your purse or diaper bag at all times.

Amazon slides // OH. MY. GOSH. Y’ALL. If there’s one thing every pregnant mama needs on this list, it’s these Amazon slides. I have had everyone in my life try them on (even my husband, although his foot could barely fit hahaha) and they have all agreed that they feel like you’re walking on CLOUDS. Whenever I switch back to my old sandals, I immediately regret it because my feet hurt, and I have to go and grab these instead. I know they will only be of more and more use as I get bigger and heavier throughout pregnancy!

maternity lounge shorts // Pretty early on in my pregnancy I started feeling uncomfortable in certain pairs of shorts. ESPECIALLY pajama shorts. My stomach really “popped” wayyy earlier than with my first! I placed an order for these maternity lounge shorts in several colors and I am obsessed with them – I am wearing the green pair right now as I type this! They’re great for wearing around the house and to sleep in at night, and they come in a bunch of cute colors.

Lululemon bike shorts // If you need a pair of shorts that are presentable to wear outside the house, then these are it! I size up a couple of sizes in Lululemon for pregnancy (so I got a size 6 in these), and they’re stretchy enough to last all of pregnancy. I like wearing these bike shorts with workout tops, tees and sweatshirts and they look nice for running errands. The most important part is that they’re comfortable, too! Especially since I officially only own ONE pair of denim shorts that still fit me, and even those are iffy.

Skin and Senses body oil & belly butter // These are two products that I used all during my first pregnancy and will be continuing with my second! I already owned both products so did not need to buy more (although I might need to soon, I am going through both pretty quickly now). The belly butter is such a nice product – it is completely “clean” (I got the “unscented” one). I rub it between my hands to warm it up first, then apply it anywhere that I could get stretch marks like my stomach, butt and chest. Everywhere else, I apply the body oil (also in the “unscented.”) It keeps my skin feeling nice and moisturized, and I love that both products are so clean!

Rael Organic Cotton Cover Panty Liners // Let’s just say you’ll want to add these to your cart! Lol.

Ritual Essential Prenatal Multivitamin and Seed Daily Synbiotic // These are two supplements that I take daily. I love the Ritual prenatal multivitamin – it’s lemon-flavored and easy to swallow, plus it contains all the essential nutrients for baby, including choline, iron and the methylated form of folate. As for the Seed Daily Synbiotic, I take this every morning. It’s really a probiotic and is great for your gut and also getting things “moving along,” which I have – ahem – needed help with this pregnancy.

Pink Stork Pregnancy Flakes // I have purchased this item 29 TIMES from Amazon over the last two years. I signed up for the subscription during my first pregnancy and I continued to use them even after I gave birth. These bath salts truly are amazing – I sprinkle a bunch in a warm bath and then soak for 20 minutes. They’re made of pure magnesium, which is essential during pregnancy – some studies suggest that supplementing with magnesium may reduce the risk of complications like fetal growth restriction and preterm birth. I swear that my nausea felt better after using them, as well.

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  1. Ashley

    Awww you are probably having a boy! My little boy is currently 6 months but everyone used to tell me how great pregnancy was/ felt but I ended up being so sick the 1T and then I had horrible acne and pains 2T and 3T. This was compared to my friends/ family who were having a girl who had “glowing” pregnancies’. I was so sick that I passed out it. I’m happy you are passed the 1T though. Congrats 🙂

  2. Katie

    Congrats on your second little one!! Sounds like syncope and I know your medical team is on it. You may want to consider adding more salt to your diet and wearing knee high compression socks (medium or firm- Sockwells are my fav), this can help with return blood flow and general BP {I know it sounds antithetical the salt but it isn’t}. The socks are great for traveling, long car rides, concerts where you have to stand too. The Maldon sea salt flakes are awesome and crunchy.

    This is probably annoying but keeping a symptom diary in a note in your phone with the time of occurrence, any indicators before (feeling hot etc think aura before a migraine type of thing), length of episode. The diary is super helpful for any provider to evaluate it all.

    The CM changes occur because it’s protecting things from infection and slowly turns into your mucus plug. They make washable liners from Aisle, and Gladrags that are an option too. Super easy to care for and just wash n air dry.

    Best wishes for a comfortable pregnancy moving forward.

  3. Sarah

    I was like you- super sick until 19 weeks (when we found out we are having a boy!) I’m 32 weeks now and it’s crazy how fast you forget how bad the nausea and vomiting was once it’s passed.

    I feel you on the “products”. I used those same bath salts religiously. I don’t know if they worked, but I religiously wore the sea bands. I also tried essential oils behind my ears- I used a brand called Vertigo Ease.

    Second big help was my mindset around food. Eating saltines or oyster crackers as soon as I woke up, or if I woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick big help. I was similar to you with water, especially on an empty stomach. Sip don’t chug! One tip I truly feel helped is getting over the mental barrier of trying to eat healthy. Once I gave up and ate mashed potatoes and white refined carbs (which really is all ever sounded good) I started eating those in decent quantities and it gave me energy to make it through. The unhealthy was only temporary and at 19 weeks I was easing back into eating my vegetables and balanced diet. Hopefully it passes for you soon! It’s so worth it!

    • Sydney

      This is so helpful!! I’m 7w and miserable!! The nausea and gagging is an all day thing. I literally just cry. Thank you for your tips!

  4. Jenny

    CONGRATS ON YOUR PREGNANCY! I actually started following you when I was pregnant with my daughter. Her and Kennedy are just a few days apart💕💕 so I loved going through my whole pregnancy with you (and following along for baby/toddler stuff!) And weirdly enough I am 15 weeks pregnant now with my second (I don’t know how much further you are now but still) so I’ll be following along AGAIN! 😂😂

    Also came to say, going through very similar symptoms. This second time around I feel way worse at this point than I did with my first so you are not alone! I’m chalking it up to maybe chasing a toddler around all day 🤪🤪and not working out as much! Sigh. We will get through! I’m also so curious to find out what you’re having. My husband and I are team green so it’ll be quite a while until we know who’s taking up my energy and causing the nausea!!!!! Anyway. Thanks for everything and congrats again 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻💕💕

  5. Adri

    Hello Caitlin, first of all, congrats on your second baby!! I was supposed to start looking for my first baby now in the fall, but suddenly a lot of anxiety has come over me, I know that you have suffered anxiety and I wanted to ask you how you manage it to go through a pregnancy, a birth (which scares me) and manage all the uncertainty around bringing a new life and caring for your child.

    Thank you very much for your answer!! And congrats again!