First Impression: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Okay I’m going to be honest with you guys, I have been hearing about the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer for a while now and was pretty skeptical right from the start. For one, it just looks weird, amiright? Kind of like a space ship or something! Logically, I couldn’t figure out how it could work or be any better than a regular hair dryer. And secondly, I did try out some cheaper alternatives (the ones with the brush attached) and they really didn’t work for me. Well, my curiosity got the best of me I guess… because I decided to go for the Dyson after reading yet another amazing review online. I figured I could always send it back if I didn’t like it, right?

Mine came in a few weeks ago from Nordstrom and the first thing I noticed was that this device is POWERFUL. I usually start blow drying my hair by turning my head upside down and running the dryer over it a few times to get some of the moisture out. This honestly felt like a head massage!

Next, I flipped my hair over and did my typical routine: clip up the top part of my hair while I blow dry the underneath layers. Using the “styling” attachment, I used a round brush to blow dry my hair like normal. I noticed a few things during this phase: 1. my hair was drying much faster than normal, and 2. my arm wasn’t getting tired. (Sounds weird but usually my arm gets super tired from holding a heavy dryer for so long!)

Last step: blow drying the finishing pieces at the top and around my face. For this last step, I noticed my hair looked smoother and straighter than normal. Usually, no matter what, I have a few natural waves that my blow dryer can’t get out (especially near my scalp), and I end up having to smooth them out with the curling wand. All of the above photos were taken just after I finished blow drying my hair, and for naturally curly/frizzy hair, I think my hair looks incredibly smooth and frizz-free!

SO! Here are my official thoughts on the Dyson:

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Pros

  1. It’s powerful (way more powerful than I was expecting)
  2. It cut down on my drying time (it took me 20 minutes rather than my normal 30 minutes. That might not seem like a lot but for my hair it’s a miracle!)
  3. My hair looked smoother and straighter, especially near my scalp. I would even consider wearing my hair straight after blow drying, rather than going straight for my curling wand.
  4. It’s really lightweight!

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Cons

  1. It’s expensive (for that reason, it makes a great addition to your Christmas wish list!)
  2. It’s loud. To me it sounded a little bit like a vacuum cleaner. Thankfully, it dries your hair so fast that you don’t have to listen to it for long!

I’ve used the Dyson quite a few times since my initial “review,” and overall, I’m incredibly happy with my purchase and will continue using it! Especially with a newborn on the way, I think time management will become extra important, and the fact that this dryer helps me cut down on drying time will be a lifesaver. You can check out my exact Dyson hair dryer set here, or all of Dyson’s products on Nordstrom’s website here.

Have you tried the Dyson hair dryer before? If so, definitely curious to hear your thoughts!

*Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post

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  1. Kat

    Curious itty kill the cat, but I’ve gotta know – which cheaper alternatives did you try with the brush attachments? I have the dyson air-wrap exclusively for the blow-dry brush and I love it, but I always wonder if I should have gotten the dryer like the one you use here (even though I can’t hold a brush and a dryer effectively to save my life). I also have thick, frizzy hair so I’m just wondering what you tried and didn’t like so I can avoid those tools lol!

    Sorry if I am all over the place. Mom of a toddler, and I’m very very tired at the moment.


  2. Susan

    I bought my Dyson a little over a year ago upon my hairdresser’s recommendation. She started using it on her clients in the salon and told me it was life changing (and it made my lob shine like crazy). I was as skeptical as you were, especially since I have fine, fairly easy-to-dry hair…but it has been life changing, lol! I can get my hair from sopping wet to 100% dry in 4 minutes flat (without styling), or in 12 minutes I can achieve a perfect blow out with my paddle brush (I’ve timed it). What this has meant for me is that I actually style my hair almost every day now instead of just defaulting to a ponytail, as it’s shaved 10 minutes off my time as well. 100% agree with you that this makes a huge difference due to the lack of arm fatigue and in racing against the clock to get ready. Like you, I have also found that my Dyson can get out kinks and bends that I get from bedhead that my old, still-expensive-yet-not-as-powerful, blow dryers could not. I love mine so much that I recently bought a second one that came with a traveling case and gave my original one to my 18 year old daughter…and it’s shaved 12 minutes off her styling time as well!

  3. Kayla

    First, you are so gorgeous! You’re glowing and your sweater dress looks so comfy but elegant at the same time. Anyway, my hairdresser uses this so I know how fast and nice it works. Regardless of how much I like this I think it is way too expensive, but this would make a great giveaway *hints* love your posts, happy last stretch of pregnancy 🙂

  4. Andi

    Stick with you T3 Cura. The Dyson hair dryer dehydrates hair from the inside out. At the salon I go to, one of the hairstylist was using a Dyson hair dryer while his client was eating at a ham sandwich. It turned the ham in his sandwich into jerky. Just a thought… You should keep your pretty hair, healthy and avoid the Dyson dryer. The Dyson wand is just as bad and the curls don’t hold.

  5. Stephanie

    I received mine last week and have been using it that long. My husband cannot hear(that’s a plus). Dries my hair super quick(that is a plus because I have hair like you) so I would say it’s a win all around. I don’t care if something is expensive as long as it’s worth it’s price and it is.

  6. Dani

    I love this hair dryer!!! So fast!!

  7. I have the Dyson AirWrap, and I was skeptical at first, too because it is a big investment. But after my first use, I understood the hype around it, and it is the only hair tool I really use now!! I am always in awe of how quickly my hair dries with the Dyson!!

  8. Karen

    I looove my Dyson hair dryer! I have arthritis in my wrists, and Dyson has moved all the hair dryer weight forward, so it’s SUPER comfort for my wrists!! Makes all the difference.

  9. Alyssa

    I love my Dyson dryer! I’ve been using it for over a year now and my hair is shinier and feels healthier. I no longer need to straighten it either. I definitely recommend it!

  10. I can’t wait to own the Dyson dryer someday! I definitely plan on getting one and their air wrap tool. They are pricey, but after reading and hearing so many incredible reviews, I’m such a firm believer that they are well worth the investment and will last me years to come!

    Your hair looks amazing!


  11. Anne Black

    Worst hairdryer ever I have had 2 and they. Both stop and.start it’s a real pain having to wait till it goes back on and cleaning the filter all the time would not recommend

  12. I adore the supersonic but if I have to chose I’d rather buy the Airwrap , it is complete!
    Miki x

  13. Tori

    Just want to suggest using earplugs when you use any dryer for your hair. The noise so close to your ears is horrible for your long term hearing. This is an easy fix!

  14. Cortney Walker

    I’ve been thinking about getting this – thanks for the insight! I did receive the T3 curling wand for Christmas- which barrel do you use. Our hair is same length and I tried the 1 inch barrel and the curls did not look good, more like beach undone waves which is not my look. Maybe it was my technique? Let me know if you have any videos or a blog post about the curling wand and how to get your curls. TIA!!

  15. Terri

    I gave mine away because I have fine thin hair & it is not volumumizing It’s like it’s been conditioned .

  16. Ashley

    Could you do a blow dry tutorial!? 🙂 you’re hair is gorggggg!!