Eight Workout Class Essentials

I have really enjoyed getting into workout classes out again after giving birth to Collins! I’m not going to lie, as a busy mom, my Pure Barre class is sometimes the best hour I have all day long. It’s an hour that I have all to myself, and even though it’s hard, I walk away feeling so accomplished and proud of myself. I swear it makes me a better mom! Anyway, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of all the workout essentials that I use during/after class. Let me know if you have any questions!

1. Stanley Tumbler

Staying hydrated is always important, but especially when you are sweating a lot from a good workout! Stanley tumblers make it easy to take a quick sip in between sets because you don’t have to worry about taking a lid on and off like you would with a conventional water bottle. I especially love that they fit in my car’s cup holder, since the base is narrow!

2. Silk Scrunchies

These scrunchies are the best for holding your hair back out of your face without causing breakage and damage! I use the big scrunchies when I wear my hair in a ponytail and I use the skinny scrunchies when I wear my hair in a braid – both work great! For pure barre, I like to wear my hair braided. These super similar scrunchies are on sale right now!

3. Lululemon Leggings

I have a lot leggings from different brands, but I always feel my best when I’m wearing my Lululemon leggings! They are so soft, comfortable and they really hold up great no matter how many times they go through the wash. I also never have to worry about pulling them up during class. They are a little pricey, but they’re definitely worth the investment!

4. Bala Bangle Weights

If there is one thing that has taken my workouts to the next level, it’s these Bala weights! They’re so easy to strap onto your ankles or wrists and the come in the prettiest colors. They have really helped with my strength training and muscle toning. I use the one pound weights, but they are also available in two pounds. I use these during Pure Barre “empower” classes.

5. Grip Socks

Many workout classes like Pure Barre, yoga and pilates incorporate a lot of balance training and having grip socks makes a worlds of difference. Wearing grip socks really helps with my stability and control during class. You can get them on Amazon, Target, Lululemon and many studios sell them as well!

6. Amazon slides

I’ve been obsessed with these cloud slides ever since I got them! They are are so comfortable and seriously feel like you’re walking on CLOUDS. They’re easy to slip on on your way out the door and when you put them on after class it’s a likes a little treat for your feet! If you are in need of a new pair of shoes that are easy to slip on to go to the gym I highly recommend these!

7. Snack Bar

I always bring a snack with me to the gym because I either need an energy boost before class or I’m starving after class! My favorite snack bar is Larabar – not only do they taste amazing, but they’re made from real food! Most of the bars have less than five ingredients (and they’re REAL ingredients, like cashews and dates) and they’re also gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free. My favorite flavors are Lemon Bar and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.

8. Light Jacket

I usually go to pure barre first thing in the morning and I’m always a little chilly (even during the summer). I found that it’s easier to get myself up and out the door when I wear a light jacket on my way to class. I normally take it off as soon as I enter. This half-zip sweatshirt is so cute and this black full-zip jacket is a classic – both are on sale right now!

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  1. Haley

    what kind of face wash do you use ? you have great skin

  2. Andi Cyrus

    How do you keep your Lululemon aligns from piling? Mine pill every single time. I’m on my 17th pair and still have t found a way to prevent pilling so I was floored when you said yours hold up after washing them so many time. What’s your secret, please? I’ve even been so frustrated with the piling that I called Lululemon’s customer service and they told me that’s just the way the aligns are after washing them and suggested the wunder unders. I don’t like that answer. There’s gotta be a way and I love that you’ve given me hope…..

  3. Carol Ebersole

    Great post. I was hoping you would source your cute sneakers. Love them. Thanks!