Easy Crown Braid Tutorial

Hello, friends! Today I’m recreating one of my favorite looks from working with TRESemmé during NYFW. Remember this hairstyle created by TRESemmé stylists? I learned a few tips and tricks while I was in the salon chair, so I can show you how to get a similar look that you can achieve on your own at home! 
To start with, you will need: 
– Two elastic hair ties
– Several bobby pins (I used around six)
– Curling wand (I use and love this one)
Step One: I apply the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Serum onto damp hair before blow drying it. This makes my hair frizz-free, so that the braid and curls will be extra smooth.
Step Two: Part your hair where you normally wear it. Starting with one side, begin a dutch braid on your hair, only pulling hair from the top of the scalp, not the bottom. (To see a good tutorial on how to dutch braid, watch this one!) Tie the braid with an elastic, and repeat on the other side.
Step Three: Pull apart the braid to create the appearance of a thicker braid. To do this, gently tug on portions of the braid, making sure each strand is even (see above photo). 
Step Four: Pull one braid across the back of your head, the end of it should fall right underneath where the other braid begins. Secure it with a bobby pin. Repeat the same thing with the other braid – you should be able to lay it on top of the other braid, tuck in the elastic and secure it with a bobby pin. 
Step Five: Spray the TRESemmé Heat Tamer Leave-in Spray on the remaining hair – this will help protect it from the heat of the curling wand, and will also ensure the curls stay for a long time.
Step Six: Now its time for curls! Working with small sections of hair, wrap each section around the curling wand. I use this curling wand with the 1-inch straight barrel. I’ve mentioned this curling wand before… it works so well, that my curls are always intact the next day.

Step Six: You’re close to being done! I spray on TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Brushable Hold Hairspray onto both the braid and curls to keep everything in place. This hairspray is really great because it doesn’t leave your hair feeling crunchy – you can actually brush through it!

I would love to see you try this look! Tag me (@cmcoving) and @TRESemme on instagram if you decide to try it on your own! I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. 🙂

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*Thank you to TRESemmé, a product of Unilever, for sponsoring this post.

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  1. You look adorable with this crown braid! And your hair are in general a true dream <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. I love this! I have actually been looking for a good crown braid tutorial for a while!

  3. Your hair is stunning!!! I love this post!!

  4. Such a beautiful look! Thanks for sharing!
    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  5. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous, thanks for the creative ideas!


  6. Ohh wow your hair looks amazing! So pretty! I also read your Fall Bucket List in the post before this one and I love it!! I have to do something similar! <3


  7. Looks gorgeous!! I find that my hair is juuuuust too short for this to work well, but I'll see if I can work something out. That braid crown is so pretty!

  8. LOVE the braid!

    xo K


  9. So pretty Caitlin! Question: Do you alternate how you curl your hair by every piece? As in starting with your hair on top of the curling iron and then alternating to start underneath the curling iron? Your curls are always perfect!

    xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog

  10. Wait that is so easy!

    Emma | With A City Dream

  11. Pretty, pretty! I love this! I'm definitely going to have to re-create it!

    Sara Kate Styling

  12. Those braids are so pretty! I have to try it out!

    xx, Diane || http://www.dizined.com

  13. Great tutorial , it looks easy to do!!
    The color palette

  14. Your hair looks flawless!! Gorgeous locks!!


  15. I love this hair style!


  16. This is such a sweet hairstyle. I will have to try this on my little cousin. Your hair is so long and pretty! Thanks for sharing!

    Xoxo, Amy J.
    Bowlines and Lace

  17. I love incorporating braids into my hairstyle! I wish I had more hair on top of my crown to do this an I wish I had your hair thickness. I have a lot of fine hair so my braids end up look like baby braids! lol!


  18. I love this! It really does look super simple 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  19. Nice post! Love the hairstyle!


  20. This is so cute! But easy? No way….I don't have time for this every day! Wish I did! Great for special occasions though!

    The Petite Bijou

  21. Beautiful look!

    Her Heartland Soul

  22. This is a style I have to try! Thanks Caitlin!

    xo | The Fashion Forecast

  23. I have been trying to experiment with braids lately, so this has come very timely, I will have to give this one a try! Thanks for sharing! And I love your dress, you probably already mentioned where you got it from, but do you mind sharing it again possibly?


  24. I love the braids for fall, great style!


  25. Gorgeous! Great tutorial! I would never guess that a look like this would be so easy!


  26. Love this! Definitely going to try it, and I am going to try that serum, I use everything else you have, so why not add one more thing to the list 😉

  27. LOVE IT!!! so happy you showed us how to do it!! xxoo


  28. This is so pretty and I need to try it. I've been wanting to learn this and I think my hair is just about long enough now.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  29. you have beautiful hair and this style is so pretty xx

  30. What an excellent tutorial on doing up a crown braid! I have some sisters who could really benefit from this tutorial. It's clear, concise, and very explanatory. I have tried to braid their hair before, but to no avail. And I'm glad you mentioned the need to spray it afterwards in order to keep it in place, which may seem obvious, but surprisingly many would otherwise do well at braiding but somehow neglect to use hairspray. Thanks for sharing, Cait!


  31. OH MY WORD I LOVE THIS!!!! I am in a play this week and I had no idea how on earth I was going to find a hair style that was quick, easy, and pretty, well I did!!!! Thank you so much!!!