Designer Dupes I’m Loving

ONE // designer jumpsuit ($158) vs. dupe jumpsuit ($24.99)

I own the designer version of this jumpsuit and am OBSESSED! I wore it to travel to Mexico (it is so comfy on a plane – like pajamas) and another time on a road trip. The dupe version is less than $25 and looks exactly like it!

TWO // designer scalloped bikini ($143) vs. dupe scalloped bikini ($15.99)

Scalloped bikinis are soo classy – but the Marysia ones are so expensive! Just the bikini top itself is $143. The dupe version comes with both pieces for only $15.99. I like both the white and black – they go with every single cover-up!

THREE // designer bikini ($146) vs. dupe bikini ($48)

This pom pom bikini is SUPER trendy right now – I’ve seen it everywhere this season! Why pay the full price when you can get both the bikini top and bottom for less than $50?

FOUR // designer sunglasses ($119) vs. dupe sunglasses ($11.99 for three)

I love these cat eye sunglasses – you’ve probably seen me wear mine a lot! I found a set of three (they come in red, white, and black) for only $11.99. How cute would those red ones be for the Fourth of July?!

FIVE // designer earrings ($168) vs. dupe earrings ($19.99)

Statement earrings are BACK, y’all! I am obsessssed with these crystal lily earrings, but I knew there had to be a good dupe out there. Etsy to the rescue! These dupe earrings come in several colors and are less than $20.

SIX // designer studded sandals ($1,045) vs. dupe sandals ($37.98)

I could hardly believe it when I saw these rockstud sandals on Amazon – they come in a BILLION different colors and are less than $40! I can’t speak to the quality, but the reviews are actually pretty good (and even show pictures!).

SEVEN // designer espadrilles ($660) vs. dupe espadrilles ($120)

These Chloe-look-alikes were just marked down to 25% off! They’re from Nordstrom, so you know they’re good quality.

EIGHT // designer earrings ($55) dupe earrings ($9.99)

If you scroll up, I’m wearing the designer earrings in one of the pictures at the top of this post. I love the mix of rattan and pearls – they are classy and summery at the same time! The dupe earrings look nearly identical and are less than $10.

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  1. I love Designer Dupe posts! These are becoming more and more trendy. I certainly can’t afford a real designer bag and so far Amazon has been coming in clutch!

    xoxo Ashley

  2. ms. mary m. motta

    love when you do posts like this! i can’t always make purchases on investment pieces and still want to participate in trends and other fashion. thank you for helping out with that :]

  3. Tori

    Omg I need those Valentino dupe shoes!!! Thank you so much for sharing this

  4. I loved this post! So many great options at all price points. Thanks for finding these dupes for us!

  5. Wow these dupes are so good, especially the rockstud dupes and the earrings! Thanks for sharing!
    xx Janine


    Amazon is where it’s at for allllll the things. They have every single dupe you could ever want at less than half the price of the original designer. They actually even have dupes for everything on your list. Oh and Target has your statement earrings, rattan earrings and even the espadrille wedges in several colors! Thx for the recs!

  7. Love these dupes! So perfect for summer!