Crochet Beach Cover-Up

One of my *very very favorite* looks from Aruba has been this white crochet cover-up dress! I love how you can see some skin, but it’s still really classy at the same time. I know it’s expensive for a beach cover-up, so I linked up some more affordable options from Amazon below! Also, I know you can’t tell from these photos but my white bikini has a very subtle leopard print that is sooo pretty in person. 🙂 These photos were taken on Iguana Beach in Aruba – there are HUGE iguanas all over the island and to be honest they kind of scared me a little bit haha. I kept thinking they were going to attack! BUT the beach is sooo pretty and totally worth it!

Do you guys want an updated travel guide to Aruba? As a reminder, I already wrote this blog post a few years ago and not much has changed – the hotel was the exact same (but the cost did go up since then). I’m happy to write an updated one if you guys want!

Oh and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! I get to see my husband today and I’m so excited!!! xoxo

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  1. That crochet beach cover up is so cute!

  2. That is a really cute cover up, it looks really high quality!
    Xx Janine

  3. Nessa

    I really like your travel guides.
    Question: in the last travel guide to the hotel you mentioned the
    “Room: The ONLY thing that disappointed me about Aruba was our hotel room!” have the rooms been refreshed since your last visit?

  4. This is such a cute coverup and I’d love to see an updated Aruba travel guide!!! Safe travels home!

  5. I love how you bikinis are so modest. YES on the updated guide!

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  6. Jenelle

    Love it and yes please to the updated Aruba post! I want to hear all about if you traveled to the other side of the island near Palm Beach. So much to explore! Xoxo Jenelle

  7. Lena Flores

    So pretty!! I am loving all your Instagram posts especially the ones with the flamingos! So PRETTY Enjoy your time!

  8. Beautiful photos!

    Blonde in Cashmere

  9. So in love with this little coverup!

  10. That is such pretty cover up! If the quality is high and a lot of wear can be gotten out of it, then the price is probably worth it! At least, that’s how I like to look at things most times. haha

    Oh my goodness- I’d probably be terrified too if there were huge iguanas near me! I don’t blame you. But these photos are gorgeous so I’m betting it was worth it! 🙂