Casual Cute in Miami

Gosh I have been so bad about posting on my blog lately, you guys!! I sincerely apologize because, from the very beginning, I have always tried to stay consistent with blogging. I feel like it is in this space that I open up the most and really get to connect with you guys. To be honest, life has just been absolutely wild lately! Aside from traveling, it seems like Chris and I have had a ton of events and responsibilities to attend to, and when I’ve been at home I’ve been concentrating on taking care of the house and all of our pets! I am actually in the process of hiring an assistant to help take some of the work load off, so that I can concentrate on writing more blog posts. I would really love to get back into the routine of posting 5 days per week, and a Monday Motivation blog post EVERY Monday! We will make it happen. πŸ™‚ I would love to bring more varied content to the blog as well, not JUST fashion.

But alas, back to the outfit at hand. This is the last outfit I photographed while I was in Miami a few weeks ago. This white dress is one of my favorite dresses right now because of how comfortable it is! It’s actually made of a sweatshirt material, although it looks much nicer because of the flattering shape and the off-the-shoulder cut. And OF COURSE I paired it with a rattan belt. I just can’t get enough of them. πŸ™‚ I also want to point out these Steve Madden studded sandals because these will be THE sandals of spring, mark my words!


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  1. What a cute outfit! Love it with the belt!

  2. Laura Leigh

    Loving this look! All of the straw + rattan pieces – oh I cannot wait for spring!

    xo Laura Leigh

  3. Anne Arnold

    Lovely photos as always! Wish I could help you with your work, but I guess I am a bit too far away. Anyway, I think it’s great you are spending so much time with your lovely house and the pets. It really makes a difference to them when you invest the time I think. Hope you’ll have a good rest of the week!

  4. Olivia Verardi

    Gorgeous as always! Given all of your extensive traveling, what are your thoughts on staying safe during coronavirus outbreaks? Would love a post with your thoughts, travel safety tips and plans!

  5. Gorgeous!!

    Blonde in Cashmere

  6. This outfit is super adorable, very put together yet simple to re-create!
    Thanks for putting so much time and effort into your blog, even if you are missing a few uploads, it is very much appreciated! I thought you were already working with an assistant?
    Xx Janine

  7. Lauren

    Been reading your blog since the beginning Caitlin!! Can’t wait to see your posts on the regular again, and love your outfit!


  8. I have already pre-ordered the sandals in both the Tan and the Clear! I love them!

  9. Yana

    Hi Caitlin, how can we apply for the assistant role?

  10. These little white dresses are TOO perfect for a day to night out look in Miami. Loving the wide belt trend lately, too.

    XO Amanda || Affordable by Amanda

  11. Love your hat and Miami is such a fun town!