So You’re Looking for a Coat…

*Photo from an upcoming blog post

I’ve had a lot of people (readers, family, friends) tell me that coats are the hardest clothing items to shop for. They’re tough for several reasons… the first is that there are so many out there, it’s sometimes difficult to find the best coat for the best price (they can get really expensive!). The second reason they are intimidating to shop for is because you know that once you purchase your Winter coat for the year, you’re pretty much stuck with that same coat until next year… so you better pick a good one!

I’ve rounded up my top picks for coats and outerwear below. I tried to be as budget-friendly as possible… the items indicated by “SAVE” are all less than $80 and an alternative to another designer brand (and pay attention to the retailer’s website because a lot of these are 25% off right now!).  

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