Best Amazon Buys In 2021

There are seemingly billions and billions of products on Amazon, and sometimes it can seem a little *risky* to purchase items because you never know what the quality is going to be like in person! Sometimes the products end up being AMAZING and you use them over and over again (like all the ones I’m sharing in this post), but other times you might end up a little disappointed. I definitely got duped by Amazon a few times this year myself! (One time I ordered a door mat from Amazon and it ended up being a screen print of a door mat on a piece of fabric. LOL.) So, all that being said, I really love reading reviews and knowing that I can buy an item confidently and won’t need to return it later.

To write this post, I went through allll of my Amazon purchases for the entire year and picked out the top items that I used the most! These are items that I used over and over again and stand by the quality. I still have and use all of these items today.

So without further ado….!

Drawer Organizer

Before I got these honeycomb drawer organizers, my sock drawer was a complete mess! These organizers are so easy to install and use. You just snap them together and you can even trim them down to fit perfectly in any drawer. I love the pretty pink color and the fact that this set is only $13! I just ordered more for my underwear drawer and my makeup drawer.

Pillow iPad Stand

This is the coziest iPad stand ever! Seriously, it’s so soft and lightweight! It’s perfect for curling up on the couch and reading on a rainy afternoon and for watching movies on long car rides. I have the cute leopard print one but it also comes in a lot of other colors and patterns, too. Even my husband loves it.

White Button Coverup

This coverup is one of my favorite clothing items that I ordered from Amazon in 2021! I just love the wooden buttons and the tie belt! It has such a classic look and it seriously looks great with every swimsuit. AND it’s very high-quality. It is sheer, which you would expect from a swimsuit coverup, but the material is still pretty thick and it was able to withstand the washing machine and dryer several times over the course of the summer.

Shower Head Filter

Water straight from the shower head can contain chlorine and heavy metals that are harmful to our skin, hair and overall health. After doing some research, I found this shower head filter on Amazon. It has a fifteen stage filtration system to remove all the toxins found in tap water… it also has really high water pressure and five different spray modes. Honestly this is probably my most-used item since I shower several times a week! I really think it has been a contributing factor to my hair and skin health.

Daily Planner

This planner is officially on the “best of” list two years in a row! It is truly a LIFE NECESSITY for me! I sit down every morning to write out my appointments and To-Do list. I love that there’s a spot for “what I’m grateful for” and a place for tracking my water intake, health and fitness, and meals. I like ripping off the page and starting fresh with a new sheet every day. It also keep me accountable for all of my personal and professional goals, and I would be lost without it! I’ve ordered this several times over the last couple of years because I’ve go through them so quickly.

Shark Cordless Vacuum

Ever since Kennedy started crawling, I play close attention to our floors! She is always on her hands and knees crawling around and has a knack for finding debris and putting it in her mouth (gross, I know, but that’s an 11 month for you). I had been looking for a new cordless vacuum and decided to try this one because it has great reviews *and* it’s pretty, too. Long story short, I LOVE IT. I use it at least once every day… it’s super compact so it fits nicely in our hallway closet and it’s really light so I can grab it to clean up messes quickly. It also has a handheld component that I usually grab for getting up cat hair… and it’s even powerful enough to clean up glitter (I know because we had a glitter spill in my house, haha).

Leopard One Piece Swimsuit

This suit is one of me favorite swimsuits that I have ever gotten from Amazon!! It is so flattering!! I think packed it every time that we went to the beach last year. It’s under $30 and it’s available in a lot of other prints too. I got a size small – it was a tad too big but it is adjustable, you can wrap the straps and tie them to make the swimsuit fit perfectly.

iPhone stand

I keep this phone stand at my office desk! It’s so nice to look up and see all of my notifications without even touching my phone. It’s super sturdy and securely holds my phone vertically as well as horizontally (for better video viewing). I also use it for filming both instastories and Reels, it acts as a mini tripod when it’s set up on your desk or countertop. I bought it in this pretty pink color, but it’s also available in blue, black and white! Did I mention it’s only $9.99?!

Water Bottle

Drinking enough water throughout the day has always been a struggle for me, but this water bottle helped me so much this year! Each hour is marked with a line on the side of the bottle to remind me to drink water throughout the day. It’s made of glass so I don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals like those found in plastic bottles. You can put it in the dishwasher, so it’s easy to clean. And it’s available in ten other really cute colors!

Alarm Clock

I was looking for an alarm clock that wasn’t absolutely hideous… and this one is not only *not hideous* but it’s functional, too. I first and foremost love how it looks, with the mirrored surface and big numbers. It has three different brightness levels (I keep mine at the dimmest so that it’s not too bright during the night while we’re sleeping). It has USB ports on the side that make charging small devices a breeze. In addition to keeping it on your nightstand, this would also look great on an office desk!

Lack of Color Straw Hat

This was my go to straw hat in 2021! Don’t worry I still love my Brixton straw hat, but this one was a nice change up! It has a wider brim an it’s an overall bigger hat than the Brixton hat. I also love how versatile it is because it doesn’t have a ribbon. It can be worn on the beach, by the pool or even out to a casual lunch! I wore it sooo many times this year, I know y’all were probably sick of seeing it.

Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to share my most-used baby purchases from Amazon! When I was going through my Amazon purchases I realized that I actually bought/used way more items for Kennedy this year. 🙂

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  1. Kendra

    would love to see your most-used baby purchases!

  2. Kelly

    Can you please add the info for the alarm clock?

  3. Kelly

    Yes, please share your most used baby products!

  4. Sarah

    Could you please link the alarm clock in your image? I don’t see it linked in the text. Thank you!!

  5. Ellen C

    Yes to baby purchases please!!

  6. I need those drawer organizers! They would be so helpful in adding some more clarity and organization in my life! Also, that bathing suit looks so pretty!


  7. Quinn

    Thanks for this great list! Do you use a water filter for the tub for your daughter? Would love to know if you’ve found something you like!!

  8. I bought that same planner after you recommended it last year and have absolutely loved having it at my desk the past year! So thank you! 🙂


  9. That bikini with the swim cover up and hat look so cute on you! The drawer organizers seem pretty useful!
    However I do prefer wider and softer hats for beach