At-Home Workout Equipment

disc sliders // yoga mat // MYX Fitness bike // resistance bands // AirPods // Nike tennis shoes // Hypervolt massager // Apple watch // weights

It’s JANUARY, which means time to set health & wellness goals! This post is a little ironic because I actually won’t be working out for a while (mamas help me out – I think I have to wait six weeks to work out post-baby?), but I figured the majority of you guys are not having a baby this month and would still want to see some at-home workout equipment! My #1 recommendation is this MYX Fitness bike – I have used it SO much since we got it in November. I often feel like I “don’t have time” to work out, but you can get in an intense workout in just 15 minutes with this bike. I also love the floor classes they offer (just swivel the screen and you can work out right beside the bike).

Some other items that are super useful: a yoga mat for any type of core exercise or YouTube yoga class, a pair of good running shoes, some resistance bands for leg/booty workouts, and a set of at-home weights. I also just had these disc sliders come in the mail, but haven’t been able to test them out yet!

What are your favorite workouts to do from home? I’m excited to get back into the routine of working out in a couple of months… exercising really helps me handle stress and it’s been difficult mentally to cut back so much. I miss MOVING my body! xoxo

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  1. Kerry

    Hi! Yes, wait about 6-8 weeks before you can start your normal workouts again. Your body goes through something so intense when you have a baby, give it some time to rest and heal. I was so excited to go back to normal workouts after my son was born. I would still recommend walks and things like meditation to help with anxiety and stress during post-baby. I did this and it helped me so much, especially being a new parent. So excited for you and your hubby to meet your baby girl! Much love!

  2. Logan Kinner

    I love Bailey Brown BBFIT app for at home or anywhere!

  3. Laura Toler

    At my Reformer Pilates class we use the disc sliders. You will be surprised the workout you get using them plus it gets your heart rate to rise. Wishing you and baby the best with your delivery!!!

  4. Love the yoga mat! I’m currently looking for a new one.

  5. Ashton

    You can still walk! About 4 days postpartum, I started with walking to the end of the driveway. Then a few days later, to the end of the street. And I increased distance based on my comfort. But of course do whatever your doctor said, mine said I could walk initially and then at 6 weeks I was cleared to go back to working out!

  6. Laura Leigh

    I absolutely love the Bala weighted bracelets and definitely a good set of resistance bands. excited to hear what you think of the bala discs – been looking at those.

    xo Laura Leigh

  7. I have never heard about these things to engage the core!!!
    Miki x

  8. I feel like that’s going to be so hard for me after having a baby- not being able to work out for a while and falling out of my routine. haha But at the same time, I understand it’s worth it and it will mean more quality time with the baby!

    I looove using resistance bands! So good for toning the legs and building the glutes, and perfect for at-home workouts.

    My favorite workouts to do from home are abs and HIIT, mainly because I don’t feel like I need the gym to accomplish those. I do, however, prefer the gym for all of my resistance/weight training because they have way more equipment for me to work with there! But resistance training can totally still be achieved at home with even minimal equipment- which was what I had to make work while gyms were closed most of 2020!

    I totally understand how difficult it can be to not move your body as much, when working out can be so therapeutic and a stress reliever! You’ll be back at it soon enough and I think walks would be amazing in the meantime! 🙂


  9. Jen Fedell


    We are looking into purchasing a MYX bike, thanks to your recommendation! 🙂 Do you, by chance, have a code?

    Thanks in advance!