An Update on Our Cats + 5 Cat Care Tips

Our cats, Frankie and George, don’t get a ton of love on social media (at least, not as much as Winnie), but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t valuable members of our family! I’ve been meaning to write a little update about the two of them, since it’s been a while since I talked about them on my blog (remember this blog post from when I first adopted George?). 

Chris and I moved in together more than two years ago, so Frankie and George have been living together ever since. At first we were a little concerned that the two of them wouldn’t get along – especially since they’re both male cats with strong personalities! – but honestly there was no need to worry. Although they do “play fight” a lot, they actually seem like best friends… I even catch them snuggling together in the bed almost every single night (they both like to sleep in between Chris’s legs). Prince George still acts more like a dog most days than a cat… he is super vocal, always meowing and begging for treats! He also loves to be petted, and even rolls over on his back so you can pet his stomach like a dog. The only difference between him and Winnie is that George can turn on you quite quickly… one second he is super loving and then the next second, he has had enough! Frankie is a sweetheart, although he’s a tad more skittish than George, and acts more like a normal cat than a dog-cat. 😉 

Since cats often don’t get enough attention, I wanted to share a few health tips and reminders for all the cat people out there! 

1. Preventative Doctor’s Visits 

Cats need regular preventative check-ups to keep them healthy and happy (and yes, this is still possible during a pandemic! Many clinics are doing curbside services right now). Cats are stoic animals, so it can be difficult for us (their owners) to tell when they’re not feeling well. Taking your cat to the vet yearly can help identify problems before they become serious. That’s why I’m partnering with Royal Canin for their annual #Cat2Vet Campaign to help increase awareness of the need of preventive care for cats.

In honor of Take Your Cat to the Vet Day on August 22nd, Royal Canin is offering all cat owners access to Ask.Vet’s chat service for free to connect them to a licensed veterinarian 24/7 from the safety of their home. To access the service, pet owners can connect at or text chatnow to 67076, and will be able to ask any health-related questions. 

2. Pay Attention!

Even though cats do like to be left alone for most of the day, it’s still important to give them a lot of attention – and always be wary of these signs that your cat isn’t feeling 100%:

  • Changes in appetite or water intake
  • Coughing or sneezing
  • Acting lethargic or not like herself/himself
  • Vomiting
  • Changes in stool quality – either softer or harder than usual
  • More or less urine in the litter box

3. Make sure they’re eating the right food for them

We really had trouble getting Frankie’s diet right – he is prone to hairballs! Now we have both him and George on specialized diets. Frankie eats this Royal Canin Sensitive Digestion formula, while George gets dry food made specifically for his breed, this Ragdoll Adult dry food. In honor of Take Your Cat to The Vet Day on August 22nd, you will receive a free vet visit from Banfield when you purchase your favorite Royal Canin cat food from PetSmart.

4. Keep Your Cat Hydrated

In the wild, cats typically get their hydration from the animals they hunt, so they’re not inclined to drink a bunch of water on their own. A water fountain may encourage your cats to drink more water. Funny enough, our cats like to drink from the sink! Whenever I go into the bathroom, they jump up on the counter and meow – their signal that they want me to turn the water on for them. (We also keep a bowl of fresh water out for them at all times!) 

Groom Your Cat Regularly

We brush both Frankie and George regularly. Whether your cat has short or long fur, brushing helps remove the loose hair from their coat so they don’t ingest it while self-grooming. George is also prone to getting mats in his hair, so brushing him regularly helps with this! Grooming them also gives you the chance to notice any changes to their body, like lumps, bumps and sore spots. 

Like I said above, Take Your Cat to the Vet Day is coming up on August 22nd and Royal Canin’s annual #Cat2Vet campaign is a great reminder to regularly take your cat to the vet! 

*Thanks to Royal Canin for sponsoring this post

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  1. Gabby

    Your cats are adorable, but as a pregnant woman, be careful when cleaning their litter box. Leave that chore for Chris now because of the possible Toxoplasmosis infection which is caused by parasites in cat feces. It’s transmitted from mother to unborn fetus and is very dangerous.
    Thank you for all of your beautiful and inspirational posts.
    Enjoy your gorgeous family 🙂

    • Thanks, Gabby! My husband cleans their litter boxes, even before I got pregnant 🙂

  2. liz

    my two kitties drink from the sink too! they’re so spoiled I leave it dripping for them 🙂

  3. Lotty

    They are very sweet! ❤️

  4. Ruth

    More photos with George and Frankie they’re so cute!!!! 🙂

  5. Tricia Miller

    I’m glad you had this article. I occasionally see glimpses of George, but it is good to get an update on him- I am a cat person and have two Russian Blues so I always pay extra attention to the cats. But I like Winnie also. Fur babies are the best!

  6. Oh my gosh this post made me so happy today haha!! I’ve missed seeing George on here- he reminds me so much of my Delilah! Frankie is such a cutie too. The cats and Winnie are going to be great big siblings to Baby Girl!! 🙂

    xoxo A

  7. Andrea Livoti

    Your cats are so cute!! I have 3 boy cats and I’ve found that male cats are much more affectionate than females. I used to have a female and she was very I independent. It’s also important to feed cats some sort of wet food or fresh diet to prevent kidney disease. Too many cats get chronic kidney disease from only eating dry food. Your cats ate lucky to have you guys…..

  8. Anne Lammers

    Your cats are so cute! Prince George is one of the most beautiful Ragdolls I have ever seen! Love seeing them get some attention on here 😀

  9. Your cats are both beautiful! Ragdolls are one of my favorite types of cat (if not THE favorite).

    I’m a newer cat mom! I never grew up owning cats, and quite honestly, wasn’t a fan of them. My husband, on the other hand, grew up with a lot of land and animals. After we got married last September and moved into our new apartment in October, we agreed to get a cat as a Christmas gift to ourselves!

    One kitten then turned into 2 and we loooove them! My mind has completely changed and my heart has softened so much to cats now. We plan to get a dog, too, but that wont be until after we’ve moved into an actual house!

    Thanks for this post and sharing these tips!


  10. Love your photos so much! Cat is super Cute!
    Thanks for sharing

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