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checkerboard throw blanket // blue light blocking glasses // key fob case // makeup case // sneakers // Beats Fit Pro // puffer jacket // rechargeable reading light // gold claw clips // velvet travel jewelry case // wireless humidifier // glass coffee mug // fleece belt bag // acrylic laptop stand // pink laptop case // makeup brush holder // scrunchies // seamless wine glass chiller // jewelry organizer

Good Monday morning, friends!! We had the best cozy weekend at home – it was cooold this weekend, so we stayed in and decorated our Christmas tree, cooked some comfort meals, and watched lots of Christmas movies (we even introduced Kenny to the Grinch!). I honestly can NOT believe that this week is Thanksgiving – this year is FLYING by and it also means that Christmas is just a few short weeks away!

Today’s gift guide *might* just be my favorite one that I’ve posted this year… everything is from Amazon but sooo cute and unique! I have been so happy with a lot of my Amazon purchases this year – once I learned to read the reviews closely lol. Here are a few call-outs from the above list!

checkerboard throw blanket // This blanket is a dupe for the Barefoot Dreams version but is much more affordable. It has AMAZING reviews on Amazon and it even holds up well in the washing machine! The checkerboard pattern is so pretty and neutral and would look great in any home, or even a nursery.

key fob case // I saw this key fob cover on TikTok and it really is GORGEOUS in person! It provides some protection for your car keys but won’t influence the key’s signal and comes in a bunch of different versions to fit your specific car’s make and model.

sneakers // I personally own (and am obsessed with) these sneakers. I have them in a few different colors and they truly are the most comfortable sneakers I own – I didn’t have to break them in at all! I bought them because I liked the look of them aesthetically, and then realized that they actually are great for working out in – I even hiked in them in Vail!

puffer jacket // This puffer jacket has great reviews and everyone says it’s super well-made and warm. It comes in SEVENTEEN (yes, 17) different colors. I think it looks like Abercrombie, but it’s way more affordable!

rechargeable reading light // This would make a great gift for the bookworm in your life!

fleece belt bag // This bag looks JUST like Lululemon’s version (that is sold out everywhere). They are very practical for everyday life – I love that you can wear them crossbody and they’re hands-free!

acrylic laptop stand // This item is a bit on the pricier side (especially for Amazon), however I really love my laptop stand and would highly recommend it. It’s gorgeous and makes working from bed/home a lot easier. It’s GORGEOUS in person.

seamless wine glass chiller // The perfect gift for the wine lover in your life, this stemless glass chiller keeps your wine cold for long periods of time. This would be especially useful in the spring and summer months – I even have it on my own personal Wish List! (For when I’m not pregnant anymore, of course.)

If you have any recommendations from Amazon, you know I’d love to hear them!


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