A Very “Vail” Outfit

Hi, hi, I am back with another outfit from Colorado! This has to be one of my very favorite outfits from the entire trip. Don’t you think that this fringe cardigan just screams Vail? I don’t know what it is, but I think it sums up the entire city in an outfit – you could just as easily wear it with some hiking boots as you could the knee high boots that I’m wearing. I decided to wear it over a minidress for a nice dinner look, but it also looks great with leggings and jeans, too! (If only I could still fit into my jeans…. *sigh*)

This past weekend we visited Wisconsin to see some of Chris’s family – it was such a great trip (we got to see a lot of people and Kennedy got to meet her great grandmother for the first time!!) but I will say that I am exhausted. I spent all day yesterday in my pajamas with Kenny girl doing pretty much NOTHING and it was so nice! Those are the best days, when you don’t have to wear makeup and can just lounge around the house. 🙂


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