A Casual Fall-ish Look

I wore this look over the weekend in the mountains with my fam! It was cooler there, and I promise this outfit was justified (haha). I really love the casual look of this corduroy shirt jacket paired with distressed skinny jeans – it’s really an effortless combination that looks so good together! You can also swap out the wool hat and booties for a baseball cap and sneakers for an even cooler combo. This is kind of strange to write about, but I actually ended up in the Emergency Room after these photos were taken… turns out I have two kidney stones, and they’re both stuck in my ureter and causing a lot of pain. I hateeee hospitals and really did not want to be there with an IV in my arm, but I’ll tell you what – this shirt jacket really is super comfy and kept me warm the whole time! It was kind of like wearing a comforting blanket. 🙂

Also, I totally cried when they put the IV in. And if you’re wondering how my stones are, I have an appointment with my urologist tomorrow to check up on them!


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  1. Ah, get well soon, gorgeous lady! On a brighter note, absolutely love this outfit the colors go sooo well together!
    xx Janine

  2. Cathy Bentley

    Here I thought I was done shopping the #nsale and you bring this jacket out. Beautiful and of course it’s in my bag. I hope the urologist has some good news for you. Kidney stones are the worst.

  3. Julie

    I had kidney stones a couple years ago. I had three…I gave them all names, none of which are appropriate to write :). I almost had to have surgery, but thankfully the day before my appointment to schedule it, they came out. I feel your pain. Hang in there!

  4. Kim

    It is probably all the healthy eating! So many times they are a result of too much calcium and spinach is a culprit. I am so sorry -they are awful – best wishes for a speedy resolution!

  5. Libby

    I love the Jean’s! I’ve had gallstones so I can only imagine how nasty kidney stones are.

  6. Gail

    Great outfit. I just added the jacket to my bag. I had two kidney stones stuck just like your are now. They wouldn’t budge so I was forced to have surgery. It was easy peasy. Truly it was. Took a few hours and I was on my way home. Don’t be afraid to have them taken out of need be.

  7. Hi sweetie ~ I hope your feeling better. You had to be in very severe pain to go to the hospital. You look beautiful in every outfit and I have to stop shopping…lol Can you give me the link to your handbag. Thank you!

  8. mary

    Sorry about your stones. I hope you find relief soon. I was so chilly in Highlands a few weeks ago, I was in a fleece in front of the fireplace. It’s why we love it up there!