9 Tips for Reducing Wedding Planning Stress

Good morning, everyone! You guys have asked for some more wedding posts, so that’s what I’m here to talk about today! I feel like a lot of women find wedding planning really fun and stress-free, however I am not one of those girls. I’ve found wedding planning to be pretty stressful – however I admit most of the stress is from me putting pressure on myself for the wedding to be “perfect” (which I know is unrealistic). Thankfully, Chris wants to be super involved in the planning process, which has really taken a load off me, but I still feel anxiety when it comes to tackling our Wedding To Do List. Today I’m sharing some tips I’ve learned throughout the past couple of months, from some good advice from friends and family.
1. Talk About It
Talking to family members and friends can be incredibly helpful when it comes to relieving stress during wedding planning. Several of my best friends are already married, so I have texted and called them with TONS of questions over the past couple of months (who did your makeup? what kind of china did you put on your registry? etc.). They’ve all been through the wedding planning experience before and they’re a huge help!
2. Exercise
 I rely on exercise weekly to help relieve stress, but it’s been particularly effective during wedding planning! Chris and I joined a local gym right after we got engaged, and we’ve been hitting the gym bright and early to get our workouts in. During my workouts, I play my favorite music and try not to think about my To Do List or anything that stresses me out!
3. Go On a Date
Take a break and go out on a date with your fiancรฉ – just be sure to talk about things other than the wedding! Chris and I cook dinner every weeknight, so we call Friday nights our “Date Nights” because we get dressed up and go out to a restaurant. Our favorite date nights usually involve guacamole and margaritas (or pizza!!). 
4. Stay Organized
Being disorganized can be a major source of stress. The major thing for me was being able to see a timeline and when decisions needed to be made. Using online tools like checklists, budget tools and guest lists can also help ensure that you stay on track and that all your important wedding details are in one place. Our wedding planner uses an online organizer that makes it so easy for us to see our guest list, budget details, etc. I have also been using the Southern Weddings Planner and it’s great if you like for everything to be on paper!

5. Don’t Tackle Everything At Once

Chris and I like to tackle a different task every weekend, which has really helped us (instead of trying to do it all at once). One weekend we went over every detail of the catering options and picked out the menu together, then the next weekend we went to several different stores to put together our registry. It has helped immensely to do things one at a time, and to do them together!

6. Delegate
If you have family members or friends who want to be involved with your wedding planning, let them! By assigning tasks, you’re relieving yourself of some responsibility so you won’t feel completely overwhelmed. My Maids of Honor have both been really vocal about wanting to help, and I know when the time comes I’ll need their help picking bridesmaid dresses, stuffing envelopes, etc!
7. Have”Me Time”
This is a huge one for me. Whenever I’m feeling anxious, having some alone time is a great way for me to de-stress. Everyone’s “me time” will probably look different, but I like to pour a glass of wine and take a long bubble bath, or get in my coziest pajamas and read a good book! 
8. Get Out of Town
A quick weekend getaway can do wonders for your stress levels, and getting out of town can help you and your fiancรฉ take a break from the wedding planning madness. Chris and I want to plan a weekend getaway when it gets closer to the wedding, after all the big tasks are completed. Getting out of town and going on an “adventure” together is the perfect way to reconnect and de-stress!
9. Remember the “Why”
When things start to get stressful, take a moment to think about the reason you’re planning your wedding to begin with – you’ve found the person that you want to spend your life with! Every time I start to stress about a small detail of the wedding, I remember the reason WHY I’m getting married – so that Chris and I can spend our lives together! In the end, all of those small wedding details don’t really matter, but it will still be the happiest day of my life because I get to marry my best friend and soulmate!
If you have any additional tips, I would LOVE to hear them! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. This is perfectly timed– my fiance and I just started planning this week! We took the first week to just enjoy being engaged and then dove in!

  2. I'm at the '109 days to go!' mark for my wedding! We had a longer engagement, but thes best thing I did recently was print our blank calendar templates I found on google, and put all of my deadlines or anything wedding related on them for each month that's left (first dress fitting, pick up bridesmaids dresses, etc). Seeing it all together helped put things in perspective for me, and I stressed less! Enjoy the planning girl! As my married friends have told me – everyone who is at your wedding will be there to celebrate you and your love, so enjoy it!!

  3. Love this post! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. i didn't have an issue, because somehow the hotel we went with covers a lot of things. just pick a theme and they do the rest!

  5. This is perfect, I just got engaged this past Friday! โค๏ธ

  6. This is great advice! I also made sure to give myself enough time for everything. There is nothing worse than being rushed into decisions because it has to be done NOW. Take the time to think through everything and make sure it's exactly what you want ๐Ÿ™‚

    xo, Katie
    Willow and White

  7. This is such great advice! I also made sure to give myself enough time. There's nothing worse than being super rushed to make every decision because it has to be done NOW. Give yourself some time to think through things and make sure it's exactly what you want ๐Ÿ™‚

    xo, Katie
    Willow and White

  8. Love this post, it makes me so excited to see details from your wedding! You are going to be the most gorgeous bride and have an amazing day no matter what!

    Lauren Lindmark | https://dailydoseofcharm.com

  9. My husband and I got married this year and I totally agree with so many of these! It was a super stressful process but I think the key is just tackling one thing at a time and trying to be proactive!! Google docs helped a ton too:) Enjoy it girl! It flies by!

    Rosy Outlook

  10. You have some super great tips! It's so awesome that Chris wants to be involved, so then it really is your guys' wedding instead of just you!

  11. Great tips, especially the last one! It can be hard in the moment and of course everyone wants to pull off their dream wedding, but I think it's so helpful if the real focus can be on the dream marriage. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can't wait to see your details!

  12. Love this! I just got engaged on July 23 so we have already started planning as our wedding will be in August 2018. Your posts will help a lot since you're a few steps ahead of me!

  13. I love this Cait! I'm so excited to one day be planning my own wedding, even if it's not for a while! I hope you don't let the stress get on top of you!

    I hope you've had a great Tuesday!

  14. Definitely doing one thing at a time is what helped me, too many times people do too much at once and it gets overwhelming! I also tried not to compare what I was doing to others because then I'd be tempted to change things. Once you decide on something stick with it and don't second guess yourselves!

    Xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog

  15. I love this wine glass! #musthave

  16. I get married in 3 weeks and have found so many ways to de-stress when the stress starts to set in! ๐Ÿ™‚


  17. Love the 9th one, I will definitely use some of the tips! <3

    'Share' by August Harvest

  18. Love #9! Things get stressful but remembering why you are doing it takes off all the pressure. Remembering how much I love him and our future togeter made all the wedding details less important to me.

  19. That wine glass is AMAZING! Ordering it for my 3 engaged friends right now!!

    Brooke du jour

  20. The best way to relieve stress is to hire a wedding planner ๐Ÿ˜‰


  21. I know you have some old posts on your diet and exercise routine but I would love to hear what your workouts are like at your new gym! Are you still going to pure barre? I feel like its always hard for me to balance the gym with other classes…..Also, i love wine to relax too! You seem like you're great at balance, how do you balance healthy eating and exercise with wine and other splurges?

  22. Definitely agree with all of these things! My husband and I just celebrated two years of marriage (it honestly feels like it was yesterday) and I can't praise you enough for being willing to delegate and take time for yourself! Also, doing it together with your fiancรฉ makes things so much more fun, so I'm glad yours is being so involved ๐Ÿ™‚

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style