10 Essentials You Need for Overseas Travel (Adapters, Converters + More!)

Good morrrrrning! Ever since my honeymoon, I’ve received a lot of questions from you guys about overseas travel – especially about adapters and converters, and what kind of steamer and curling wand I used in Italy and Greece. I did a lot of research before our trip, so I felt really prepared and didn’t have any problems using technology or charging our electronics while we were there. Today I’m sharing allllll the details!
Read on for the 10 essentials I brought with me on our honeymoon.
I have blogged about these noise-cancelling headphones a lot in the past, but they are truly lifesavers for me on long flights! They work like regular headphones, fitting over your ears, but there’s a tiny switch on the side that works like MAGIC – it instantly eliminates all intrusive outside noise (even loud plane engines and crying babies). I use them a lot on overseas flights to watch movies and listen to music, and sometimes I don’t listen to anything at all, but it’s so quiet that I’m able to go to sleep. Mine are three or four years old now – I’m not sure if they even sell the same version! – but these are the updated headphones. 
In addition to the noise-cancelling headphones, I find a silk sleep mask to be equally as essential on long flights. I have this one and use it for blocking out light to be able to sleep on the plane – plus, since it’s made out of silk, it’s really gentle on your eyes and eyelashes and won’t harm them! 
I always, always, always travel with a large roomy tote. It has to fit two requirements: 1. big enough to hold my airplane essentials, and 2. feels comfortable on my shoulder. The Barrington St. Anne tote (pictured above) is the perfect travel tote because it checks off both boxes and it’s really cute. The nice leather straps are comfortable on your shoulder (even when you’re running through an airport trying to catch your flight – I know from experience!) and I love how the bags are completely customizable. You can choose the print, colors and monogram all on Barrington’s website. For size reference, it is bigger than my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM, which is great because I can fit more inside it while I’m traveling. 
This felt purse organizer is not just a travel essential… it’s an essential in my everyday life! Not only is it less than $20, but it comes in a bunch of different colors (I personally like the beige because it’s a classic color and goes with every handbag). When I’m traveling, this thing is loaded UP! In one pocket I’ll have my portable charger, in another I’ll have medicine, in another I’ll have my sleep masks, etc. – the large pocket on the other side is even big enough to fit my Macbook Air. It really helps me keep my handbag or tote organized while I’m traveling – I know where everything is located and I have easy access to it. Even if you don’t travel a bunch, it’s still great for daily life. For reference, the size medium organizer is the perfect fit for a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM.
I know there are tons of portable chargers on the market right now, but I think think one is the best – hear me out please! Most portable chargers come with two different cords – one for charging the device, and then another for when you want to charge your phone. This is SO ANNOYING to me – I don’t want to carry around a bunch of cords in my bag and then try to figure out which one I need when I charge my phone! This portable charger (shown above) has a BUILT-IN lightning cable that you can plug right into your phone when it needs charging. It’s also really slim and smaller than my iPhone (for size reference, my iPhone is the 8+), and it comes in a gorgeous rose gold color. I took this exact one with me on my honeymoon and we used it the entire trip, even Chris had to use it once when his phone ran out of battery – and we were using the map on his iPhone to find a restaurant for dinner. It was a serious lifesaver!! 
I always bring a zip-lock bag with a few different travel medicine bottles, like Advil, Tums, Dramamine, and some band-aids. I bring these in my purse everywhere I go, even in the airport and on any excursions. On the honeymoon, this little bag came in extra handy!! We ended up using everything we brought: Chris needed Dramamine while we were on the boat in Santorini, I had a bad headache one night and needed Advil, and Chris needed band-aids because his shoes gave him blisters. I highly recommend putting together a little bag like this, with whatever medicine you think you could possibly need! 

Now for the fun stuff! (lol) You will definitely need an adapter plug while traveling overseas. Every foreign country has different outlets, so you won’t be able to plug any of your American devices in without an adapter. An adapter doesn’t change the voltage, it only allows a dual-voltage appliance to be plugged into the wall outlet of another country. Look at your devices: most cell phone, laptop and tablet chargers are dual-voltage and work perfectly with an adapter (if your device says “120-240V,” then you can use the product with the adapter). I bought one of these 3-packs and they were perfect for our honeymoon travels and we ended up using the same plugs the entire time in both Greece and Italy. I used this adapter for charging my phone, laptop, and even for using my curling wand (more about that later).  

If you’re traveling overseas, odds are that you will likely need a converter in addition to an adapter. A voltage converter actually changes the voltage from one level to another. If your device only operates at a certain voltage, you will need a converter to step down (or convert) the power supply in your destination country for it to work safety. Your device must be plugged into a converter to change the voltage to avoid overheating or frying. I bought this converter before the trip – the ONLY device I used it for was my steamer, which would have been fried if I plugged it into an adapter. More info on which steamer I used below!
I LOOOOVE my steamer and I don’t go anywhere without it – haha! I think that it does a much better job of getting the wrinkles out of clothing than an iron does. I brought one with me on our honeymoon because I had packed a lot of dresses that get wrinkled easily (especially in a suitcase). Chris also used it on his linen shirts while we were overseas. This one is pretty lightweight and perfect for fitting in your suitcase – I think it’s the updated version of the one I own – I can’t find mine online but I bought it from Walmart a few months ago! 

 A lot of questions I received had to do with which curling wand I used overseas! This T3 wand is the one I use on a daily basis, and it worked perfectly everywhere we went in Greece and Italy. You will need an adapter to be able to plug it in, but you do not need a converter, which is nice. This curling wand is really nice because you can interchange the barrels based on the type of curl you want! I used the 1″ barrel without a clamp in Greece and Italy (the image shown above is the 1″ barrel with clamp). If you’ve been following my blog for long, you’ve probably heard me talk about this curling wand over and over. It truly is the best 🙂
I think that does it for my 10 travel essentials! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. 🙂
Love and puppy kisses!

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