Friday, September 9, 2016

What's in my NYFW Handbag

off shoulder sweater (I'm wearing the XS, also ordered this dress version!)

One of the best, fun and most stressful times of the year is upon us: New York Fashion Week! New York is such a magical place, but it can be really stressful during fashion week because you have a million things scheduled in one day and you're trying to make it to all of them. I'm leaving tomorrow, so today I thought it would be fun to share some of the essentials that I'm bringing along with me. I photographed this a couple days ago, so now everything is packed up and ready to go and I'm anxious to be there already!

Also, I feel like I have to say this before every post like this... but this post is not sponsored in any way! These are all products that I bought myself. So without further ado... 

A portable charger is one of the most important things you can bring with you to NYFW! You're on the go all day, in and out of meetings and shows, all while trying to respond to emails and texts and post on social media. My phone battery lasts for a few hours max, so I rely on a portable charger to keep my phone going throughout the day.

New York can be surprisingly humid, so I packed a travel-size bottle of this hairspray. It's a really great hairspray and it blocks 100% of humidity to prevent frizz!

This powder is perfect for traveling (it has an applicator sponge in the compact) and eliminates shine while keeping your makeup in tact. My T-zone always gets shiny (especially in the summer) so this is really a life-saver!

I ordered these off Amazon a couple weeks ago because they're highly rated (I looove reading reviews on beauty products on Amazon). These little eye masks contain collagen and hyaluronic acid to help refresh and moisturize your under-eye area. These are MIRACLE WORKERS when you're tired or jet lagged! I pop one in the refrigerator an hour before I plan on using and they feel so good underneath your eyes. I am bringing a few pairs of these to New York because I know I'm going to need them for my dark circles after an exhausting day!

I blogged about these sheet masks a few weeks ago in this post... they are SO moisturizing. Whenever I use one at night I wake up with plump, hydrated skin the next morning... I usually save them for the night before special occasions when I want my makeup to look extra good! I'm bringing three to fashion week to re-hydrate my skin after the flight and to help my skin look its best while I'm there.

SIX // Lipstick
This one is a "duh!" :) No outfit is complete without the perfect lipstick color... for NYFW I really love bold colors like MAC's "impassioned" and YSL's "tropical pink."

This mascara is my favorite mascara, so I'm packing a mini tube in my handbag for emergencies and touch-ups!

This stuff is AMAZING for photos. It's works well as a primer but I actually use it throughout the day as a makeup refresher - it keeps your skin shine-free and moisturized. It's a must-have for fashion week since photographers are everywhere snapping "street style" photos.  

NINE // Band-Aids
NYFW is so fun, but it wreaks havoc on your feet. Imagine running a 5-mile race in your tallest pair of heels and that's kind of what it's like! I rely on band-aids to make it through the week.

TEN // Advil
I always pack a travel-size bottle of Advil with me whenever I travel. Sometimes I get bad headaches when I'm stressed out or tired, so it's always nice to have some in my purse just in case.

ELEVEN // Altoids
When you're in meetings and shows all day sitting close to other people, you want to make sure your breath smells fresh. Altoids/gum or other mints will do the trick!

TWELVE // Snacks
I sometimes get "hangry" when I'm stressed and hungry at the same time, so I like having a few snacks in my purse! I packed two of my favorite healthy energy bars for fashion week. I love Larabars because they are raw, vegan, gluten-free and made of whole, real foods (the peanut butter chocolate chip flavor is gooood). I also really like Health Warriors Chia Bars because they're only 100 calories and offer the perfect burst of energy... plus chia seeds are really good for you, and these contain fiber and protein!

If you're headed to NYC, I'd love to hear what you packed! If not, follow along on instagram & snapchat for a peek into fashion week! :)



  1. Can I have your Givenchy Antigonia bag please! Its gorgeous! x

  2. I adore your bag, it's so perfect! Cute post!

  3. Fab post, I carry pretty much all of these things too, or a version of them anyway - great minds! ;-)


  4. What a gorgeous bag!

  5. I love that bag girl! Have so much fun at the shows!

    Her Heartland Soul

  6. All awesome essentials! That Smashbox primer water is the best! Have so much fun!!

  7. Great picks! All of these are great to keep in your purse in general! I hope you have an awesome time, I look forward to following along!

    Ashley //

  8. Beautiful choices! So so happy for you girl, have an AMAZING time at NYFW!
    Post lots of snaps for us!! <3

    xo, jess

  9. I love these posts! Thank you again for sharing what you buy and not just sponsored posts, it is why I love reading your blog!
    I am excited to try those chia snack bars!


  10. I really need to get a portable charger. I don't know why I haven't bought one yet!

  11. It is still my dream to make it to NYFW! One day :) I totally agree about the Boscia sheet masks! I've tried a couple of the ones they make and all of them are fantastic!

    Brittany |

  12. I love seeing what's in other peoples bags!
    Xo, Kelsey

  13. Snacks are so important, I am the worst when I'm hangry. Also love that Givenchy and this post! Have the best time in NYC!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  14. What a great post!
    Enjoy at NYFW!!!

  15. Have fun girly! I agree that the first thing that I pack is always a portable charger!

    Ana |

  16. Where is your cheetah phone case from???

  17. Have so much fun in New York Caitlin! Love the post and seeing is essential to pack!
    xo, Caitlin

  18. Great things and it must be so exciting and stressful. I just bought a portable charger and I know it will be a lifesaver for events.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  19. I love this pink bag.

  20. Love your outfit!

    xo, Carey

  21. That purse is gorgeous! And that YSL lipstick is one of my faves!

    Little Bird

  22. Love this post! I ordered the eye patches :) always on the look out for a great new beauty find!

  23. Love seeing what you carry in your purse.

  24. That handbag is beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful time at NYFW :)


  25. I love Boscia products! I haven't tried that mask but I'll be sure to look for it the next time I visit Sephora.


  26. Advil is always a necessity! Nothing is worse than being stuck somewhere with a splitting headache!

  27. Have a great time at fashion week! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  28. Oo love to try that eye treatment! Have fun at NYFW!
    Jabeen x

  29. This post is so interesting! And every handbag needs a Mac lipstick I guess :D
    ♡ Kristina

  30. I can't focus on anything but that rug! I have been looking for the perfect rug for our nursery and that may as well be it! Please let me know where you got it!

  31. Adore your sweater! Thanks for sharing your tips - hope I get to use these suggestions one day at NYFW =)

    xoxo Meredith

  32. Adore that sweater! Thanks for the tips on how to be prepared - hope to get to use them someday at NYFW myself =)

    xoxo Meredith

  33. Can't wait to follow along on Snapchat! Have fun!


  34. Perfect post! Love your Hair sweety! XO Julia

  35. Hi Caitlin,

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that your eye mask recommendation is actually a fake. analyzes Amazon product reviews (I'm obsessed with reading them too) and this eye pads got an F. I know check anything, beauty or not, on fakespot before ordering. Apparently regulations don't prevent Amazon from selling these mostly Chinese products.

    These are a better bet - I use both!

    Washington DC

  36. I love the hairclip! I have a couple from J. Crew that I wear all the time.

  37. Such a perfect bag!