Monday, March 2, 2015

Headed Somewhere Warm…

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Happy Monday, friends! I'm over the cold weather and snow around here, so I'm headed somewhere warmer tomorrow… (any guesses where I'm going?! Here's a hint!). In preparation for my trip, I've been scouring online retailers for the best spring and tropical items… and there are sooo many cute ones out right now! I already ordered these sandals and this bracelet set… and I wish I had seen these earrings sooner because I would have made them mine! I DARE you to tell me they're not the cutest earrings you've ever seen ;) 

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent mine in Seattle for a blog collaboration… (I've decided it's pretty much the coolest city ever). I got back really late last night, so I only have one day to pack and get everything ready for my trip tomorrow - not very smart on my part. 

I also wanted to thank everyone for the kind emails, comments and messages in response to Friday's post. Y'all SERIOUSLY rock. !!!!



  1. Love your picks! That pink suit is killer! And I love the Aztec inspired clutch! Can't wait to see where you jet off to next!
    xo, Caitlin

  2. Love these picks! Hope you have an amazing time on your trip. x

    Audrey |

  3. I would love to own the pink suit and your post makes me dream of summer here in our grey Bavaria :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Such gorgeous picks! I hope you have an amazing time!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  5. Loved seeing your snapchats from Seattle, it looked like so much fun!! Lucky you to be going somewhere warm, I hope you have an amazing time and take pictures so I can at least dream of warmer weaher haha! Loving the pink bathing suit :)

  6. I am in love with those leather sandals! So cute! Have a blast on vacation!

    Her Heartland Soul

  7. I have those tassel bracelets and wear them all the time! They're so cute!

    Brooke du jour

  8. We are thinking about going away for a few days for my 24th birthday coming up so I know what you mean! Tropical vaca's are the best when it's this icky outside :) Your adorable one piece is SO cute for tropical weather i love it! xoxo Ash

  9. Dreaming of a trip where I could pack all of this!

  10. Omg I'm so jealous! LOVE that colorful swimsuit! Hope you have fun! :)

    xo, Katy

  11. Love the color of that swim suit and those sandals! I'm ready for summer now!

  12. I am so tired of the cold and snow too! I hope you have a wonderful trip!


  13. nice items & great style !!

  14. Man, I could use some time in a warm place right about now... I'm thinking Bahamas... ;)
    The Starving Inspired

  15. Sounds like lots of fun! I'm loving all the chic 1 pieces this season
    Dresses & Denim

  16. Yay for warmer weather! I will live vicariously through you :) I love both of your swimsuit picks!

    Blonde with a Chanse

  17. Soooo jealous you get to head somewhere warm. Love that beach bag! It's adorable.

    Savvy City Chic

  18. Fun picks! I love that they're so different.

    Sara Kate Styling

  19. Love your picks! So jealous you're off to somewhere warm... I've been contemplating heading south and I think I need to now ;) Have an amazing time, can't wait to see where you're headed!

    Streets of Gold

  20. Great picks! I wish I was somewhere warmer right now!

    Sarah Jessica
    The Laws of Beauty

  21. Love these swimsuits and the hat is gorgeous too!

  22. That strapless one piece is amazing! Love, love, love! Happy travels!

  23. I'm so glad that the one piece suit trend is here to stay! I feel like it is so flattering on every body type.

  24. I absolutely adore the hat!! And those earrings are to die for! Have a good trip!

  25. That bracelet set & those earrings have to be mine! I've been looking for cute accessories to take on my honeymoon and those are too adorable to resist :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista