Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day Two (Sugar + Blossom)

Blossom clutch, necklace and infinity scarf - call 864-227-9273 to order

Hello! It's Carla (Caitlin's mom) here. I had the opportunity to get in on the fun and try on some cute clothes and accessories with Caitlin. We both thought this look would be perfect for a day filled with holiday shopping. These Sam Edelman boots from Blossom are SO comfortable (they actually came home with me that day - haha!) and I had been on the lookout for a classic pair of black boots. They are also super slimming, which is hard to find in a pair of boots.

The Raven top from SC Sugar is one of their best sellers, and now I know why. Not only is this top incredibly comfy but it's so versatile - it looks just as perfect when paired with gold necklaces or a cozy scarf. I'm pretty sure Caitlin is going to try to steal it out of my closet (she does that a lot).

I think this is a great outfit for younger girls, but moms really like stuff like this too!

I'm usually more comfortable behind the lens, but it was fun getting to be the "model" for a change. Thanks for letting me take over Southern Curls & Pearls for the day!

Love, Carla


  1. I love this! I think so many people in our generation don't put much emphasis on their relationship with their parents, but it's such an important thing. Reading this makes me miss my mama! The portrait photography you do also really inspires me when taking my own pictures. Best wishes :)


  2. Carla you look fantastic! And I have to agree, finding a good pair of boots that keep the leg a slim line is incredibly difficult. Boots and watches are the hardest things for me to find because I'm on the scrawny side. Also, fantastic work taking Cait's pictures. I didn't know it was you behind the lens. Amazing!!

  3. Love the scarf and the color of the sweater! Gorgeous!

  4. Such a great ensemble! That magenta color is great :)

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  5. You are SUCH a stylish mom! I wish could get my mom to dress like this! Those boots are fantastic.


  6. Great look!

  7. Love this! Your mom looks fabulous! So sweet, my mom takes my pictures for me as well!

    xx Devon Alana

  8. Love those Sam Edelman boots! Your mom looks so gorgeous :) I definitely shop my mom's closet quite frequently too ;)


  9. Carla, you're gorgeous! You guys look so much alike! Great style, too :)

  10. Gorgeous outfit! I really like your boots! I love how close of a mother-daughter relationship you all have, I am the same way with my mom!


  11. Great post! I'd love to see more posts by your mom! She has great style.