What to Wear to Walk Your Dog

Hopefully the title of this post gave you a little chuckle, since the ONLY time I have gotten dressed up this week was to walk the dogs! Our local news is recommending that people also avoid the grocery store and pharmacies, so we have been having groceries delivered instead. So, truly, this is the only time I ever leave my house! 😀 But I think this outfit is proof that you can look cute on a walk – all you need is a comfy pair of denim shorts (they’re my forever favorites) and some comfortable but cute flat sandals. I could walk miles in this outfit. But seriously, I’ve been trying to get in two (sometimes three) good walks per day. And Winnie sure is happy!

I have a fun post planned tomorrow for an “at home spa night” and then look out for a roundup of comfy lounge clothes. And next week, there will be a new book review blog post! Woop woop!

I hope everyone is hanging in there. <3

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  1. Joan

    Haha! This post is so fun. If I were a blogger I could title mine “what to wear to take your 5 year old boy out for the 3rd scavenger hunt in a day”. But this is San Diego and we have to wear masks everywhere outside. How to style your mask ;). Thank you for such fun posts!!

  2. Hahah, yes that title is definitely appropriate 😀 That is suuuch a cute top, I absolutely love it! Also, so jealous how you are already able to wear jeans shorts – the weather has been gorgeous here in Germany, but not quite yet full on summer wardrobe weather. Still not complaining though!
    xx Janine

  3. So cute! I love one shoulder tops! I dress mostly in my workout clothes or jeans for walking my dog…she’s a hairy beast! And I was out walking one time and listening to my headphones…not paying attention, tripped and went flying, totally ruining my cute pants! That said, I do have on my white jeans and a cute top for in the house…getting ready to film a few videos. Stay safe and healthy!

  4. This is such a cute outfit and I definitely LOLed at the title! Happy Wednesday, girl!

  5. Bea

    Yay! I can’t wait for your new book review! I started reading more books this year because of your awesome reviews and recommendations!

  6. It just snowed here in Buffalo so I’m still wearing leggings & a hat to walk my dog! But I love the idea of getting ready to go out even if it’s just a walk around the neighborhood!


    • Wow…this is def NOT how we’re sheltering in place in San Jose! So, you still have stylists coming over to do your hair???Maybe I missed the point of all of this and it’s an old post, but WOW, Covid is so scary here in the Bay Area, not easy breezy as you’re portraying…

      • What?! I do my hair myself and we haven’t left my house in three weeks, the only time we have left is to take our dogs on a walk! Which is the whole point of this post.

  7. Beth Pickering

    Adorable! How are you doing grocery delivery?

  8. Emily

    I’ve so enjoyed taking my girlie on walks lately! Unfortunately all my spring clothes are in my dorm, back at WFU, so I’ve been wearing athletic shorts and t-shirts basically everyday. I was in Boston for spring break, where it was still chilly, and then came directly back home without being able to go to school — so I have a duffel of winter clothes and beautiful warm weather outside.

    Do you have a favorite sunless tanner? I’ve heard good things about the SOL by Jergens, Tan Luxe, and St. Tropez. I’m in college and don’t want to spent a ton of money on one but will if it’s worth it and long lasting.