We’re Back

Well, it’s been a while, friends. I can’t begin to describe to you how busy I’ve been with school! 
Even so, I did manage to fit a little fun in…
Going out with friends…

A “Redneck wedding” mixer..

How funny do we look!
And  trip back in time…

“We’re Back: A Dinosaur Story”
Yes… my roommate and I ordered this movie off the Internet. We hadn’t seen it since we were six years old!
We watched it.. and I have to admit it’s every bit as good as I remembered!
Has anyone else seen this?

Regular posting to resume after tomorrow…

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!
Love, Cait

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  1. All looks like a ton of fun! Loving that dress. πŸ™‚

  2. oh i loved that movie!! i used to watch it all the time with my baby brother. awww memories. and i need to see more pics of this "redneck wedding" mixer. now this sounds like my kind of party. tehe

  3. Oh my gosh, I loved that movie! Haha flashback! Cute blog πŸ™‚

  4. Love the redneck wedding pictures..hilarious!

  5. I loved that movie!

  6. omg. i haven't thought about that movie in years. I used to love it. is it weird i remember the first time i watched it? lol. adore this post. I'd love if you'd check out of my latest Lauren Conrad inspired outfit post. I took the pictures in front of her old house on the Hills. So pretty.Love to hear what you think.Thanks love. xoxo


  7. Sounds like yall have been having a blast! Glad you're living it up!

  8. Looks like you are having a ton of fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  9. I've never even heard of that movie, but I feel like it MAY be something I would like. I also really love your first outfit. Happy Thursday, Cait!

  10. haha yess! We're Back use to be one of my favvvys!

  11. I love your boots! & omg that movie takes me baaack.

  12. Oh my gosh. I totally remember that movie from when I was little! It's such a wonderful flashback.

  13. Hey love! Where did you get the dress in picture #1?

  14. I love the redneck wedding idea!! hahahah too funny!

  15. Me to like that Redneck Wedding… πŸ™‚