Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo has flawless style.
Ever since The City, I’ve had my eye on her… 
she’s always classy and oh-so-chic, and we can all learn something from her wardrobe staples.

{top, middle, bottom} 

Olivia is known for her cat eye sunnies.
 She’s often spotted out and about by the paparazzi, and she never fails to have them on.
They’re extremely easy to incorporate into your winter outfit this season, because they go with anything!
And don’t be scared to try out this trend – cat eye sunnies look good on a wide range of facial structures.

Faux fur is one of this season’s hottest items, and Olivia is way ahead of the trend.
In this picture, she pairs a black fur vest over a blazer and black turtleneck.
Go bold with a vest like the Michael Kors one pictured above.
If you’re looking for something less expensive, raid the junior’s section of any department store (like this jacket or this vest, each for $58).
And don’t just stick with vests and jackets… faux fur can be found on boots, scarves, and gloves as well!

{Earrings, Skirt}

It’s all in the details, and Olivia is the master of gorgeous, feminine details.
Sequins, diamonds, bows, lace… almost every outfit of hers incorporates these.
I’m loving this outfit Olivia wore to an after-party, especially this Zac Posen blouse…

Isn’t the lace just gorgeeeeous?

Finally, Olivia always has a beautiful bag.
I mean, she does have a Birkin… one of the most elusive and glamorous handbags in the world.
These Hermes bags have a selling point between $9,000 and $150,000.
Not to mention her other handsome companion, her boyfriend Johannes Huebl. 
 Now, that is what I call arm candy.

Too bad arm candy like that can’t be bought in stores!

Check out Olivia’s website for personal style tips and pictures of her daily outfits.
Who’s your style crush this week?
Happy Friday, everyone!

Love, Cait

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  1. her style is so classy yet funky! love it all!

  2. I love her style, so classic with a few fun quirks! I want her sparkly skirt!!

  3. I adore her style! I would definitely raid her closet. Her Birkin is fab too!

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  5. I have a total style crush on her too! Maybe that's how I need to start dressing more…

  6. I love her style too! She is amazing!

  7. i know this sounds silly, but I just cant love Olivia because she's such a bitch in real life. However, I do agree with you that she has REMARKABLE style and taste. Sigh! I think my style crush with be Rachel Bilson.

  8. I love her style!


  9. She has amazing style. Drooling over that sequin skirt, perfect for New Years!

  10. I am totally in need of some style inspiration right now! I'll have to keep these photos in mind when I go on my after pregnancy shopping spree!

  11. Seriously she always looks so perfect and flawless. Her closet must be amazing! xo

  12. Gorgeous looks! Definitely swoon worthy style

  13. I hated her on The City, haha! But I do like how she makes trends seem classier.

  14. Awesome post! She has indeed great style.

    love the cat eye sunglasses.

    Love your blog. I'm following you.


  15. I love those glasses!

  16. Anonymous

    When you wrote "arm candy' I thought you were referring to her boyfriend only! hehehe I have never heard of her, however I love her fashion sense!

  17. I have a confession to make…ever since The City, I have strongly disliked her. I mean, she was horribly mean! ha ha.
    But, I'll give it to her, she has some great style!

  18. I love her style and arm candy =)

  19. Great blog and I follow you now via google friends connect.
    If you like, follow me back. It would make me very happy πŸ˜‰


  20. Love Olivia's Style! She is truly Fashion Icon! I'm totally loving your blog! I'm following you, I hope you'll do the same. Thanks so much.

  21. Her style is amazing, I love the faux fur vests she wears. I like how you organized this post, it looks great πŸ™‚ now following.

  22. She's lovely! Classy and feminine but not afraid to dress it up a tad.

    And I have to admit. This is somewhat shallow but a nicely dressed man can really put your outfit together. Haha.

  23. Anonymous

    Miss O is the one!!!
    Like your style. x


  24. OMG. I am so addicted to your blog. this post is perfection. Isn't she just so fabulous. adore this post. thanks, love. I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I've got a new outfit post inspired by Marilyn Monroe. Love to hear what you think. xo

  25. She is stunning, and her style is always on point!

  26. I couldn't agree more! I love Olivia!

  27. Love Olivia. She always looks STUNNING! I don't know how she does it, wish I could have such amazing style all the time!

  28. Oooh how chic and classic–I love it!

  29. "Too bad arm candy like that can't be bought in stores!" ha ha πŸ™‚ you're so funny.

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