Pink & Turquoise

Hey lovelies…
First off, happy Friday!
And secondly, remember this necklace?
I ordered it off Ebay {for only $15!}, but never told y’all how it turned out. 
The verdict? I love it! It’s a pretty color and seemingly great quality – and fairly heavy. It’s obviously not as nice as the original from J.Crew, but for $15 you seriously can’t go wrong. There’s even a faux J.Crew charm on it!
I wore the necklace for the first time yesterday at the beach, and thought I’d give you an OOTD with my favorite color combo… pink and turquoise πŸ™‚
{Necklace: Ebay} {Tank: J.Crew}
{Skirt: J.Crew, sold out of pink}
My family lovvvves going out to eat at the beach. I actually hate strongly dislike seafood, but I’ll take any excuse to get dressed up.
Momma and I! 

I’m swooning over this bow ring by Kate Spade. Mom and I visited the Tanger Outlet in North Myrtle a few days ago, and the entire Kate Spade store was 40% off! 
I couldn’t find the exact same style online, but I did find a similar one {here}
I was also in need of a new pair of wedges, and couldn’t turn down these {by Coach}. All I have to say is, thank goodness for grad money – it’s really supplemented my closet lately!
The rest of my Friday includes relaxing on the beach and maybe a trip to Wilmington. Beach bag post coming soon!
What are your plans for the weekend?
Love, Cait

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  1. I've been meaning to get that necklace off of e-bay, but for some reason, I can't get myself to buy a faux item! But anyways, your outfit is just darling! I love it all, and it's so simple, yet very cute!

  2. Love your outfit! I have the turquoise necklace and just went back for the white one! Can't beat that deal. Oh and I love those shoes. I definitely need a nude pair for summer. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Wilmington is one of my favorite places in North Carolina! My family vacations in Carolina Beach often and I love going to Wilmington. My sister once had all of us stalking the cast of One Tree Hill.
    Your outfit is great. I adore the color combination!


  4. Oh my gosh I'm in love with your outfit! Turquoise and pink is one of my favorite color combinations. I also hate seafood!! I always order chicken fingers when we go to seafood places at the beach.

  5. Love your outfit. The color of that necklace is fabulous-I am loving turquoise lately πŸ™‚

  6. LOVE your outfit! I need that necklace it is too cute!

  7. I love your outfit post! You and your mom are too cute. Still jealous that you are vacationing at the beach! Nothing like living in Tallahassee. You get the FL heat without the beach.

  8. Aww. I love that outfit! You look great! Congratulations on graduating again! You deserve a few splurges to the wardrobe after all that hard work!

    I'm doing my first giveaway today, and I'd love it if you dropped by!

  9. Your outfit is so perfect for summer! I especially love your skirt (and now wish it wasn't sold out). Hope you're having a wonderful holiday! =)


  10. you look incredible! this outfit is pure perfection! loving the colors together!

    have the best weekend!

  11. That is the cutest outfit ever. And I love those shoes and ring!

  12. I only eat shrimp so I feel you about not eating seafood. Also, I love the Tanger outlets at Myrtle since they are only about 2 hours away from my hometown. You are making me want to drive down there now.

  13. Anonymous

    Gorgeous! I'm still waiting on my necklace to arrive!!

  14. Love those wedges! I've been looking for a good nude pair of wedges. Those are so perfect!

    And I'm still waiting for my necklace to be delivered too. I'm getting very impatient! But one is in Chicago.. almost here haha

  15. Cute outfit! I love the turquoise and pink combo. πŸ™‚
    You and your mom are so beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. I just ordered mine on Ebay a couple days ago, I'm so excited for it to arrive!!! Your outfit is adorable by the way!

  17. Love the necklace it looks great! I have that skirt in bright yellow! Its such a fun skirt!

  18. I ordered the necklace off e-bay too and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. That outfit is precious! Have a great weekend.

  19. I'm obsessed with that Kate Spade Bow ring and the Coach wedges. Have a blast at the beach and enjoy every moment, girl!

  20. Your outfit is SO cute! Seriously love the bubble necklace on you — such a steal and you can't tell the difference at all.

    Have a great weekend!

  21. I was at the Tanger Outlets yesterday and at the J-Crew they had some of the pinks skirts left! I tried it on and for some reason I didn't love it..this makes me want to go back again get it because it looks so cute with those wedges and necklace!


  22. That outfit is so cute! And I love both your rings πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!

  23. You look so cute! Your hair is gorgeous and the outfit is adorable!


  24. Love your outfit!

  25. You're so cute! Love the pink and turquoise together, such a fun summer combo.


  26. such a pretty necklace – love the color! have a great day !

  27. WHAT a steal and it looks so so cute and good with what you have on, and that ring!

  28. that turquoise necklace is lovely! goes so nice with that pink skirt!

  29. This is one fresh looking outfit, I just love love looooove the color combo! And those shoes are so gorgeous<3 You look absolutely amazing girl:)


  30. Loving the outfit! The necklace is perfect against that skirt!

  31. looove this outfit! especially your rings and shoes. you are too pretty!

  32. Looks great on you! Love the ring and skirt too!!

  33. Be still my heart – DYING for that necklace! I need to order one stat. How long did it take to ship?

    You are TOO cute by the way!