Peanut butter, Chocolatey Goodness

Like my title? I came up with that one all by myself (har har)…
because that’s exactly what came to mind when I made these babies!
Let’s start with the back story first. My favvvvorite, favorite lunch spot here in Greenville is a little place called {Two Chefs}.
I go here weekly for their pimento cheese on rye sandwich, their delicious daily soups, and… drumroll please…
their peanut butter rice krispies. 
These little charming treats have become my addiction… and my downfall. These squares are literally the size of my face, with chocolate chips and mounds of peanut butter stuffed inside. They are amazing… but also detrimental to my bikini diet.
On Saturday, I decided to whip up my own lower-calorie version of my favorite treat.
Peanut Butter Rice Krispies balls
Servings: Approximately 60


4 tablespoons margarine or butter
4 1/2 cups miniature marshmallows
1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons peanut butter
6 cups Rice Krispies cereal
Melting chocolate {optional but highly encouraged}

1. Melt butter in a large saucepan over medium heat
2. Add marshmallows and stir until melted
3. Remove from heat and add peanut butter, stirring until well mixed
4. Add Rice Krispies
5. Let cool for 10 minutes and form into 1-inch balls
6. Melt the chocolate according to directions and dip balls

Each peanut butter krispies ball (without chocolate) has only 60 calories!
With the added chocolate, each one comes out to about 90 calories.
Unless you’re like me, and can’t eat only a few at a time… Then I suggest bagging them up and handing them out to friends, coworkers, etc!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Who will be watching Bachelor tonight??

Love, Cait

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  1. I'll be watching for sure!

  2. Yum!! These are so yummy and cute in a little bite:)

  3. Those look fantastic!

  4. Oh my, these sound amazing! I would definitely need to bring half of them to work so I don't eat them all. 🙂

  5. These look and sound delicious! I will definitely have to make them.


  6. I saw these on your IG and was hoping for a recipe on the blog! I'll have to make these for the kiddos I nanny for 🙂 Thanks Caitlin!

  7. Anonymous

    Yum! Gotta try it!

  8. Yum! Definitely making these.

  9. I won't be able to catch the Bachelor tonight because I have a night class 🙁 so bummed. I'll watch it on ABC's website tomorrow night though.

  10. These look delish! I am always looking for a little sweet treat and these looks perfect!

  11. Oh how yummy! I will definitely be making those asap! I am getting hungry just looking at the pictures.

  12. Yum! I love peanut butter rice krispie treats! I will definitely be watching the Bachelor tonight…wish I had some of these to snack on!

  13. o god if I made these literally the whole tray would be gone!

  14. I didn't realize you lived in Greenville, my boyfriend is applying to a job at Clemson and I think Greenville is the nearest real town…or at least it has the nearest yoga studio 😛 This looks like a delicious (and addictive!) recipe!

  15. yummmmmmm!! You are more than welcome to send some my way 😉 and i love your monogramed kitchen towel!!


  16. Anonymous

    Oh, gosh, these look amaaaazing.

  17. yummy

  18. Oh, yum. I have some girlfriends who would sure LOVE to have some of these during a girl night!


  19. How have I never had these delicious things before?! These must be made soon! My husband will love them!

  20. Yum! I love your polka-dotted tin. Too cute!

  21. HOLD UP – stop – peanut-butter chocolate rice krispies – oh i'm gonna try this bad boy like you ain't kidding! well once i kidded Whole30 in the ass! :o)

  22. ps – southern belle i just became your newest follower – do me a biggie? – help my numbers grow and become a follower? (yes i'm sorta' begging)

  23. I LOVE Two Chefs!! Such a great lunch spot!

  24. So excited to make these myself!

  25. this looks so great.. like professional. Very nice job!

  26. Those look great, and that restaurant sounds divine.

  27. those look absolutely divine!!! 🙂
    and yes yes to bachelor – obsessed!!

  28. Anonymous

    I tried making the balls and they didn't work out at all. They were falling apart on me left and right.

  29. also very good if you add butterscotch morsels to the chocolate and melt together and cover the rice krispies!

  30. Mine were crumbly as well.

  31. Nice post!