The Last Night of Summer

… is tonight!
And tomorrow is my last “first day of class” – EVER! 
I love the beginning of school. I love school supplies, the motivation to achieve, and having a fresh slate.
Thought I’d share a few of my must-have school supplies..
I love how the left side is for planning my week, and the right side is blank. I write my to-do lists here!
I purchased this in the hard cover… that way I know it won’t get ruined in my bag.
I use these specifically for writing in my planner! 
I may be slightly OCD.
I’m sorry, were you on the hunt for the best pens EVER? Cause you’re lookin’ at them.
I seriously won’t write with anything else.
Medium Point. Blue ink. 
Nothing else will do.
Just cause they’re cute.
And finally..
This bag has lasted me forever! During the summer, it’s my beach bag. During school, it’s my book bag.
It’s so sturdy and the perfect size for my laptop AND books AND supplies.
I’ll leave you with a few pictures from the weekend..

Hope everyone had a great start to their week! If you’re starting school, best of luck to you!!

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  1. Ohhhh thats a nice planner – love the page for to-do lists i wanna find me one of those next year!!!

  2. Such cute pictures from the weekend! What a bunch of gorgeous girls!

    I used to be super crazy about school supplied when I was in school too. Everything had to be new and crisp and perfect. I'm really liking those fine tip markers!

    Have an amazing first day!

  3. I love the pictures of you and your friends! So cute. I have all my school supplies ready to go as well. I start class today. AH!

  4. Love the planner! Have a great first day of class!! And I totally agree those Lands End Bags last forever! I love mine!!

  5. I've never seen those planners but I love the layout- def checking it out!
    Good luck on your last first day (:

  6. I'm all about the markers an highlighters, haha. I don't think I'll ever grow out of it! Have a great first day!!

  7. Awww I need to get my school supplies together! Have a great first day, enjoy it!!

  8. Good luck tomorrow! Senior year was my favorite year of college, enjoy it!!

  9. hope your 'last first day' goes WONDERFULLY!

  10. Good luck, I know you'll have a great year!

  11. Loving the idea of a half blank planner! I'm OCD about my Uniball pens, too!

  12. so cute! I love school supplies too.


  13. Best of luck to you! Nothing like having new supplies!

  14. Have a wonderful first last day!!!

  15. gosh you look so different when your hair is straightened versus wavy. hope you have a good first last day!

  16. You have the best hair…EVER.

  17. Love the pink color of your Boat-N-Tote! And that's too funny about pens–I'm the same way, only I always use black ink!

  18. Hey! I just gave you a blog award.
    Check it out over on my blog